writer:Jeff Barry
Ellie Greenwich
Phil Spector
publisher:ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use "ABKCO")
Carlin Music Corporation
Mother Bertha Music Inc.
Trio Music Co., Inc.
Universal Music Publishing Group Japan (work publisher - do NOT use as a release label)
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EMI Music Publishing Japan C.F. division
Shinko Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
ABKCO Japan Publishing
Fuji Pacific Music inc. (– 2014-12-31)
Fujipacific Music, Inc. (2015-01-01 –)
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is the basis for:Un arc et des flèches
later translated versions:Be My Baby (Sé mi nena)
Reviens vite et oublie
later versions:Comme aujourd’hui (Be My Baby)


1963-07Be My BabyThe Ronettes2:41
1973-09Be My BabySvenne & Lotta2:59
1976-11-04Be My Baby (live, 1976-11-04: Palladium, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveBruce Springsteen4:17
1977-02-17Be My Baby (live, 1977-02-17: Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, OH, USA)cover and liveBruce Springsteen3:24
1985-11 – 1986-05Take Me Home Tonight / Be My Baby (feat. Ronnie Spector)medleyEddie Money3:31
2002-10-30Be My Babycover and liveNatalia Quintal y Desi García3:08
2007-03-12Be My Baby (live)liveThe Ronettes3:22
2014Be My BabycoverBette Midler3:07
Be My BabecoverZop hopop3:10
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band?:??
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band featuring The Miami Horns?:??
Be My BabyJohn Lennon?:??
Be My BabyJohn Lennon?:??
Be My BabyJohn Lennon?:??
Be My BabyJohn Lennon?:??
Be My BabyJohn Lennon?:??
Be My BabyJohn Lennon5:48
Be My BabyJohn Lennon4:37
Be My BabyJohn Lennon1:27
Be My BabyJohn Lennon5:50
Be My BabyJohn Lennon4:32
Be My BabyJohn Lennon5:52
Be My BabycoverBay City Rollers3:27
Be My BabycoverPlommons?:??
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen4:00
Be My BabycoverHuntingtons2:33
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band with Ronnie Spector and Flo & Eddie?:??
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band?:??
Be My BabycoverSmokie3:52
Be My BabycoverMelissa Manchester4:38
Be My BabyThe Ronettes2:32
Be My BabyThe Ronettes2:20
Be My Baby (mono)The Ronettes2:41
Be My BabycoverLinda Ronstadt3:16
Be My BabycoverYayahoni1:57
Be My BabycoverDM Stith4:25
Be My BabycoverThe Lightning Seeds3:44
Be My Baby ("basement tape" sessions)coverBob Dylan & The Band & Tiny Tim?:??
Be My Babycover and livePatti Smith?:??
Be My Babycover and livePatti Smith3:18
Be My BabycoverThe Searchers3:18
Be My BabycoverThe Drones3:17
Be My BabycoverCisse2:51
Be My BabycoverSvenne & Lotta3:36
Be My BabycoverAndy Kim2:54
Be My BabycoverOutrage?:??
Be My BabycoverSandy Posey2:38
Be My BabycoverCissy Houston3:15
Be My BabycoverThe Bates3:01
Be My BabycoverTravis5:16
Be My BabycoverIvy4:43
Be My BabycoverBlue Öyster Cult3:01
Be My BabycoverLeslie Mendelson3:23
Be My BabycoverChris Norman3:29
Be My BabycoverTeen Queens4:00
Be My BabycoverJody Miller2:35
Be My BabycoverRobbin Thompson4:39
Be My BabycoverLounge3:01
Be My BabycoverShaun Cassidy3:07
Be My BabycoverJohn Lennon4:33
Be My BabycoverPsyched Up Janis3:41
Be My BabycoverUltima Thule3:49
Be My BabycoverThe Dollyrots2:14
Be My BabycoverGlasvegas4:12
Be My BabycoverGraham Bonnet3:04
Be My BabycoverWe Are Scientists3:10
Be My BabycoverWhigfield3:31
Be My Baby (stereo mix)coverJacques Denjean and His Orchestra?:??
Be My BabycoverJacques Denjean and His Orchestra?:??
Be My BabycoverAaron Neville3:48
Be My BabyThe Ronettes2:31
Be My Babycover and liveMelissa Etheridge2:43
Be My BabycoverBayside2:31
Be My BabycoverBob Dylan, Tiny Tim & The Band?:??
Be My BabycoverMike Love2:39
Be My BabycoverJason Donovan2:36
Be My BabycoverSandy Posey?:??
Be My BabyBay City Rollers3:27
Be My Baby (radio cut)coverWhigfield3:30
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen with Ronnie Spector?:??
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen3:13
Be My Babycover and liveBruce Springsteen?:??
Be My BabycoverPå Slaget 123:12
Be My BabycoverSteve Tyrell3:23
Be My Babycover三原じゅん子?:??
Be My BabycoverCarmine Appice3:52
Be My BabycoverCarmine Appice3:33
Be My Babycover3 Feet Smaller3:31
Be My BabyWhigfield3:32
Be My BabycoverCissy Houston3:28
BE MY BABYcover浜田省吾2:49
Be My Baby (alternate mix / vocal)John Lennon5:53
Be My Baby (Rock and Roll album sessions)John Lennon?:??
Be My Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me (medley)cover and medleyAlyssa Milano4:37
Tu seras mi Baby (Be My Baby)Whigfield3:32
ビー・マイ・ベイビーThe Ronettes2:42