lyricist:Ira Gershwin (in 1930)
composer:George Gershwin (composer) (in 1930)
publisher:Chappell Music Ltd.
Warner/Chappell Music Holland BV
New World Music Co. (in 1930)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q60926 [info]
referred to in medleys:The Rhythm Series
later translated versions:I hob Rhythmus
part of:An American in Paris (2015 Broadway musical)
Crazy for You (1992 musical)
Girl Crazy (1930 Musical)
is the basis for:7 Virtuoso Études: I Got Rhythm
The Rhythm of Giant Donna
Variations on "I Got Rhythm" for Piano and Orchestra
arrangements:I Got Rhythm (for piano solo)
I Got Rhythm (for brass ensemble, Harvey)


1930-11-18I Got Rhythm [1930-11-18]Ethel Waters3:09
1931-11-06I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong & His Orchestra3:06
1932-10-11"Fleischmann Hour" 11/10/32: IV - I Got Rhythm (Rudy Vallée "Fleischmann Yeast Hour" Radio Program)liveGeorge Gershwin1:11
1933-09-20I Got RhythmThe Five Cousins2:43
1933-10-24I Got RhythmFive Spirits of Rhythm3:00
1933-10-24I Got RhythmThe Spirits of Rhythm2:59
1933-11-20I Got RhythmThe Spirits of Rhythm2:40
1934-02-19"Music by Gershwin" 2/19/34: IV - I Got RhythminstrumentalGeorge Gershwin2:47
1935-10-13I Got RhythmStéphane Grappelli and His Hot Four2:54
1935-10I Got RhythmDjango Reinhardt3:01
1938-01-16I Got Rhythmcover and liveBenny Goodman4:41
1938-01-16I Got RhythmThe Benny Goodman Quartet5:09
1938-05-31I Got RhythmcoverDjango Reinhardt2:53
1938-12-12I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong & Fats Waller3:53
1938-12-14I Got Rhythm (radio broadcast, 1938-12-14)Louis Armstrong3:55
1939-12-24I Got Rhythmcover, instrumental and liveThe Benny Goodman Sextet3:20
1940-02-27I Got Rhythm [1940-02-27]Viola Jefferson2:33
1941-05I Got Rhythm (live, 1941-05: Minton's Playhouse, NY)cover, instrumental and liveThelonious Monk9:18
1942-12-29 – 1943-02-02I Got Rhythm (stereo)Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Six Hits and a Miss, The Music Maids, Hal Hopper, Trudy Erwin, Bobbie Canvin, Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, and the M-G-M Studio Chorus8:05
1943-11-02I Got RhythmJudy Garland2:53
1943-11-02I Got Rhythm (alternate take)Judy Garland2:55
1944-01-05I Got RhythminstrumentalArt Tatum Trio2:19
1944-01-05I Got RhythmArt Tatum2:15
1944-01-13I Got RhythminstrumentalRoy Eldridge8:27
1944-03-27I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalLester Young3:19
1944-03-27I Got Rhythm #2cover and instrumentalLester Young3:18
1944-03-27I Got Rhythm #3cover and instrumentalLester Young3:18
1944-06-15I've Got RhythminstrumentalTeddy Wilson Sextet2:59
1944-07-27I Got RhythminstrumentalRed Norvo?:??
1944-12-23I Got RhythmcoverErroll Garner?:??
1945-06-09I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalDon Byas and Slam Stewart5:00
1945-06-09I Got Rhythminstrumental and liveDon Byas with Jan Johansson5:05
1946-04-22I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalCharlie Parker12:57
1946-04-25I Got RhythminstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio2:21
1946-04-25I Got RhythmcoverThe Nat King Cole Trio2:22
1947-02-01Home Cooking III: I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalCharlie Parker2:27
1950-10-18I Got RhythmGene Kelly3:44
1952-03-12I Got RhythmliveSidney Bechet7:20
1952-10-06I Got RhythminstrumentalTeddy Wilson2:52
1952-10-06I Got RhythminstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio?:??
1952I Got RhythmliveSidney Bechet & Claude Luter et son orchestre7:08
1952I Got RhythminstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:17
1953-06-16I Got Rhythm (live, 1953: USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis4:54
1955-06-28I Got RhythmcoverHampton Hawes Trio3:15
1955-07-31I Got RhythminstrumentalGene Krupa Quartet with Lionel Hampton and Teddy Wilson8:51
1956-03-05I Got RhythminstrumentalTeddy Wilson3:30
1956-04I've Got Rhythminstrumental and liveTeddy Wilson Trio4:13
1957-01I Got RhythminstrumentalThe Paul Smith Quartet2:18
1957-06-07I Got Rhythminstrumental and liveTheTeddy Wilson Trio4:20
1957I Got RhythminstrumentalRandy Weston5:20
1957I Got RhythmMarilyn Moore2:10
1958-10I Got RhythmSammy Price and Doc Cheatham3:13
1958-12I Got RhythminstrumentalRuby Braff5:39
1959-01-05I Got RhythmcoverElla Fitzgerald3:07
1959-01-19I Got RhythmTeddy Wilson and His Trio2:13
1959-02-02I Got RhythminstrumentalPaul Chambers6:06
1959-02-02I Got Rhythm (Alt Tk)instrumentalPaul Chambers & Wynton Kelly6:21
1959-02-02I Got Rhythm (take 2)instrumentalPaul Chambers6:25
1959-03-12I Got RhythminstrumentalBob Brookmeyer & Bill Evans8:31
1961I Got RhythmRita Reys with Boy's Big Band3:10
1965-08-19I Got RhythminstrumentalErroll Garner4:02
1967I Got RhythmcoverTopmost?:??
1969-06I Got RhythminstrumentalStéphane Grappelli & Barney Kessel5:17
1973-09-06I Got Rhythminstrumental and liveBen Webster7:56
1974-07I Got Rhythminstrumental and liveThe Ruby Braff, George Barnes Quartet4:49
1975-06-06I Got RhythminstrumentalZoot Sims7:08
1976Medley: In My Solitude / I Got Rhythminstrumental, live and medleyRuby Braff10:20
1977-02I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalKristian Bergheim3:42
1978-09I Got Rhythminstrumental and liveTeddy Wilson2:44
1980-01-22I Got RhythminstrumentalArnett Cobb6:28
1980-05-28I've Got Rhythm (live, 1980-05-28: Wembley Arena, London, UK)cover and liveMike Oldfield5:08
1982-11-13I Got Rhythminstrumental and liveArnett Cobb, Rein De Graaff, Jacques Schols, John Engels6:00
1983-10-16アイ・ゴット・リズム (live, 1983-10-16: Tokyo Yūbin Chokkin Hall, Minato, Tokyo, Japan)live岩崎宏美2:41
1986-01-27I Got Rhythm (live, 1986-01-27: Peabody’s Down Under, Cleveland, OH, USA)cover and liveThe Residents?:??
1986-02-07I Got Rhythm / Passing the Bottle / Monkey and Bunnie / Theme for an American TV Show / Man’s Man’s Man’s World (live, 1986-02-07: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA)cover, live and medleyThe Residents & Snakefinger?:??
1986-02-08I Got Rhythm (live, 1986-02-08: The Palms, Milwaukee, WI, USA)cover and liveThe Residents2:48
1986-02-10I Got Rhythm (live, 1986-02-10: First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA)cover and liveThe Residents feat. Snakefinger3:03
1986-06I Got RhythmThe Foursome, Kiri Te Kanawa, Robert Russell Bennett, New Princess Theater Orchestra, John McGlinn3:32
1986-10-05I Got Rhythm (live, 1986-10-05: Den Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway)cover and liveThe Residents2:56
1986-10-05Torniquet of Roses / I Got Rythm / Passing the Bottle (live, 1986-10-05: Den Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway)cover, live and medleyThe Residents feat. Snakefinger?:??
1986-10-25I Got Rhythm (live, 1986-10-25: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands)cover and liveThe Residents2:46
1987-10I've Got RhythminstrumentalSpike Robinson4:05
1988-11-20I Got RhythmliveMaureen McGovern1:05
1989-09I Got RhythminstrumentalPaul Motian5:27
1989-11-16 – 1989-11-17I Got RythymAngela Brownridge1:12
1990-04-18I Got RhythmcoverStéphane Grappelli & McCoy Tyner2:45
1992-03-27 – 1992-03-28Someone to Watch Over Me / I Got Rhythmcover, instrumental, live and medleyStéphane Grappelli5:09
1992-03I Got RhythmJodi Benson & Company, Paul Gemignani7:36
1992I Got RhythmKim Criswell2:32
1993-05-25 – 1993-05-27I got rhythminstrumentalGöran W. Nilson, Örebro Chamber Orchestra1:59
1995-09-10 – 1995-09-11I Got RhythmcoverRuby Braff & Roger Kellaway8:53
1995I Got RhythmcoverTony Bennett2:02
1996-01-21I Got RhythmliveFrançoise Pollet, Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux, Yutaka Sado2:52
1997-09-08 – 1997-09-11I Got RhythmcoverMatt Catingub4:04
1997-11 – 1998-06I Got RhythmRosemary Clooney & The Count Basie Orchestra4:10
1997I Got RhythmNoëmi Nadelmann, André Desponds2:34
1998-06-28 – 1998-07-02I Got RhythminstrumentalGuitar Trek1:28
2003-01-07 – 2003-01-08I've Got Rhythm / [silence] / [It's a Sin to Tell a Lie]cover and liveTrijntje Oosterhuis14:27
2008-02-28I Got Rhythm (live, 2008-02-28: Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria)cover and liveWilli Resetarits, Tini Kainrath & StringFizz?:??
2008-09I Got RhythminstrumentalThe Great Jazz Trio?:??
2010-02-01 – 2010-02-09Fascinating Rhythm / I Got RhythmmedleyCheryl Bentyne3:41
2011-09 – 2011-11I Got RhythmcoverLyambiko3:26
2015An American in Paris: Act I: I Got RhythmGeorge Gershwin4:57
2018I Got RhythmcoverTony Bennett & Diana Krall1:58
2019-02-24 – 2019-02-27S’Wonderful / But Not for Me / I Got Rhythm / An American in Paris (Ballet) [Medley]instrumental and medleyLucienne Renaudin Vary, BBC Concert Orchestra, Bill Elliott10:25
Fascinatin' Rhythm - I Got RhythmmedleyLeslie Uggams2:43
Fascinatin' Rhythm / I Got RhythminstrumentalAdelphi Saxophone Quartet1:51
Fascinatin' Rhythm / I Got RhythmmedleyLeslie Uggams2:44
Fascinating Rhythm / I Got RhythmmedleyJane Rutter2:03
Gershwin Medleyinstrumental and medleyThe Allentown Band, Ronald Demkee4:57
Girl Crazy: I Got RhythmBarbara Hendricks3:14
Home Cookin' IIIinstrumentalCharlie Parker2:27
I got rhythmcoverSistergold2:16
I Got Rhythm[unknown]2:06
I Got RhythmStéphane Grappelli & His Hot Four feat. Django Reinhardt2:29
I Got RhythmcoverRenée Geyer3:37
I Got RhythmBobby Darin1:55
I Got RhythmAnn Richards4:07
I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalThe Residents3:04
I Got RhythmThe Glenn Miller Orchestra3:41
I Got RhythmGlenn Miller and His Orchestra3:04
I Got RhythminstrumentalThe BNFL Band3:44
I Got RhythmEthel Merman2:27
I Got RhythmEthel Merman0:51
I Got RhythmRed Nichols and His Orchestra2:50
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:03
I Got Rhythm (radio transcription, 1937-05-21)Louis Armstrong3:03
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:38
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong1:19
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:36
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:35
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:02
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong1:19
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:07
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:34
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:35
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:34
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:07
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:34
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong1:23
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong1:27
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:35
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:36
I Got RhythminstrumentalEastern Brass Quintet2:22
I Got RhythmCast2:48
I Got RhythmGeorge Gershwin & Walter Donaldson1:57
I Got RhythmcoverBob Crosby Band2:20
I Got RhythmKing & Moore3:15
I Got RhythmcoverMelinda Doolittle2:44
I Got RhythminstrumentalBill Coleman3:16
I Got RhythmSarah Vaughan1:55
I Got RhythminstrumentalHorace Henderson and his Orchestra2:30
I Got RhythminstrumentalGeorge Cables4:36
I Got RhythmErnestine Anderson2:58
I Got RhythmcoverPeggy Lee1:53
I Got RhythmEthel Merman2:35
I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalArt Tatum Trio2:17
I Got RhythmNikki Yanofsky3:47
I Got RhythmliveLiza Minnelli4:21
I Got RhythmGlenn Miller3:41
I Got RhythmCaine / Gershwin3:17
I Got RhythmcoverCharlie Christian5:58
I Got RhythminstrumentalThe Latin Jazz Quintet2:37
I Got RhythmcoverLarry Adler & Robert Palmer3:55
I Got RhythmcoverRobert Palmer3:53
I Got RhythmThe Captivators?:??
I Got RhythmErnestine Anderson2:54
I Got RhythminstrumentalRob McConnell & The Boss Brass6:52
I Got RhythminstrumentalAndré Kostelanetz & His Orchestra2:52
I Got RhythminstrumentalFletcher Henderson and His Orchestra2:33
I Got RhythmDidier Lockwood3:19
I Got RhythmRed Norvo2:46
I Got RhythmJimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra3:06
I Got RhythminstrumentalTeddy Wilson and His Orchestra3:13
I Got RhythminstrumentalCanadian Brass3:20
I Got Rhythm조수미, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Stephan Von Cron3:31
I Got RhythminstrumentalJo Jones Trio3:07
I Got RhythmGeorge Gershwin3:09
I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalThe Residents3:04
I Got RhythminstrumentalBill Evans8:36
I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalCharlie Byrd & The Washington Guitar Quintet1:31
I Got RhythminstrumentalDavid Mead2:18
I Got RhythmThe Nat King Cole Trio1:55
I Got RhythminstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio3:36
I Got Rhythm (An American in Paris, 1951 film cast, mono)Gene Kelly3:31
I Got RhythmcoverBeelzebubs?:??
I Got RhythminstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio4:22
I Got RhythmcoverThe Puppini Sisters4:00
I Got RhythmJudy Garland2:52
I Got RhythmPearl Bailey3:18
I Got RhythmEthel Merman5:06
I Got RhythminstrumentalFred Hersch & Bill Frisell5:10
I Got RhythmCarol Welsman7:50
I Got RhythminstrumentalErroll Garner4:00
I Got RhythmRed Nichols2:51
I Got RhythminstrumentalOscar Peterson3:16
I Got RhythmGlenn Miller3:39
I Got RhythmViola Jefferson?:??
I Got RhythminstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:16
I Got RhythminstrumentalDjango Reinhardt?:??
I Got RhythminstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:47
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:36
I Got RhythminstrumentalBenny Goodman Sextet3:54
I Got Rhythm (“Impressions” version)coverMike Oldfield4:43
I Got RhythmGeorge Gershwin4:09
I Got RhythminstrumentalDjango Reinhardt3:02
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:36
I Got RhythmKate Smith2:47
I Got RhythminstrumentalDicky Wells and His Orchestra2:14
I Got RhythminstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:53
I Got RhythminstrumentalKuno Alexander's Sound Orchestra3:32
I Got RhythminstrumentalAndré Previn5:14
I Got RhythmcoverWillie Nelson2:47
I Got RhythmDon Redman and His Orchestra3:14
I Got RhythmFats Waller, His Rhythm & His Orchestra3:08
I Got RhythmRed Norvo and His Swing Septet2:41
I Got RhythminstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:44
I Got RhythmFred Rich and His Orchestra?:??
I Got RhythmBjarne Nerem4:06
I Got RhythmMischa Cheung, André Desponds, Benjamin Engeli, Stefan Wirth5:42
I Got RhythmcoverThe Countdown Singers3:10
I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalEric Reed5:05
I Got RhythmDicky Wells and His Orchestra2:13
I Got RhythmBjarne Nerem6:26
I Got RhythmJimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra3:06
I Got RhythmChick Webb & his Little Chicks2:37
I Got RhythmBud Freeman Trio2:50
I Got RhythmFelix Mendelssohn & His Hawaiian Serenaders2:24
I Got RhythmThe Metronome All Stars3:25
I Got RhythmDick Robertson with Red Nichols and His Five Pennies2:57
I Got RhythmGarnet Clark3:00
I Got RhythmJovanotti3:57
I Got RhythmKirby Ward3:16
I Got RhythmGLAD3:19
I Got RhythmBilly Paul Williams4:07
I Got RhythmDjango Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli3:00
I Got RhythmBrian Wilson2:43
I Got RhythminstrumentalLarry Adler3:01
I Got RhythmDick Robertson2:51
I Got RhythmFats Waller3:09
I Got RhythmFrank Vignola5:37
I Got RhythmFats Waller3:11
I Got RhythmBarbara Hendricks2:49
I Got RhythmOscar Peterson3:23
I Got RhythminstrumentalBill Evans8:36
I Got RhythmMarilyn Moore2:09
I Got RhythmChris Connor2:08
I Got RhythmThe Happenings2:49
I Got RhythmJudy Niemack3:44
I Got RhythminstrumentalLester Young, Bill Coleman & Dicky Wells3:15
I Got RhythminstrumentalBuddy DeFranco & Oscar Peterson3:24
I Got RhythminstrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:20
I Got RhythmFats Waller, His Rhythm & His Orchestra3:17
I Got RhythmLouis Landon6:11
I Got RhythmcoverMike Oldfield4:44
I Got RhythmcoverDjango Reinhardt2:58
I Got RhythmLouis Armstrong3:52
I Got RhythmBarbara Hendricks, Katia Labèque, Marielle Labèque3:19
I Got RhythminstrumentalGeorge Gershwin4:27
I Got RhythmLeonid Hambro & Gershon Kingsley1:00
I Got RhythminstrumentalDick Hyman & Tom Pletcher3:28
I Got RhythmGeorge Chakiris2:48
I Got RhythminstrumentalJack Jezzro3:23
I Got RhythminstrumentalOscar Peterson3:20
I Got RhythminstrumentalHot Jazz Band4:10
I Got RhythminstrumentalYehudi Menuhin & Stéphane Grappelli2:59
I Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalThe Oscar Peterson Trio3:04
I Got RhythmcoverFantasy .Inc3:19
I Got RhythminstrumentalBenny Goodman3:52
I Got RhythmErnestine Anderson2:57
I Got RhythminstrumentalLondon Symphony Orchestra, John Williams, Joshua Bell4:20
I Got RhythmpartialGeorge Gershwin0:41
I Got RhythmSusannah McCorkle3:38
I Got RhythmJudy Garland3:06
I Got RhythmLondon Festival Chorus, Ethel Merman, London Festival Orchestra, Stanley Black2:34
I Got RhythmJimmy Dorsey4:25
I Got RhythminstrumentalOscar Peterson3:20
I Got RhythmMary Martin2:37
I Got RhythminstrumentalHot Lips Page4:59
I Got RhythmcoverEliza & Vince2:27
I Got RhythminstrumentalDave McKenna & Joe Temperley5:52
I Got RhythminstrumentalRobert Bentley Orchestra, Robert Bentley2:06
I Got Rhythm (2nd Arrangement)instrumentalPercy Faith and His Orchestra3:46
I Got Rhythm (3rd Arrangement)Percy Faith and His Orchestra2:51
I Got RhythmGlenn Miller3:41
I Got RhythmGlenn Miller3:39
I got Rhythm - Get HappycoverPatricia Racette3:43
I Got Rhythm (From the Broadway Musical, "Girl Crazy")The Benny Goodman Sextet3:52
I got rhythm (Girl Crazy)Kiri Te Kanawa, New Princess Theater Orchestra, John McGlinn3:33
I Got Rhythm (The Last Round Up)cover, instrumental and partialPete York and All Guests1:11
I Got Rhythm / Embraceable You (featured in An American in Paris)medleyBoston Pops Orchestra, John Williams3:32
I Got Rhythm / Fascinatin' RhythmmedleyChristiane Noll2:36
I Got Rhythm / Fascinating RhythmmedleyHoward Morgen4:24
I Got Rhythm / My Romance / One Kisscover and medleyStacy Sullivan3:22
I Got Rhythm, Part 2instrumentalJo Jones Trio2:59
I Got RhythymCab Calloway & Scatman Crothers1:59
I Got Rhytm (George Gershwin)Marcin Grochowina, Felix Borel5:38
I hob Rhythmus - I Got Rhythmcover and medleyTini Kainrath - Willi Resetarits - StringFizz3:16
I've Got RhythmJimmy Dorsey4:24
I've Got RhythmJudy Garland2:53
I've Got RythumElla Fitzgerald3:33
I’ve Got Rhythmcover and instrumentalHiromi’s Sonicbloom5:51
Lekker tempoGreetje Kauffeld & Robert Long2:41
Medley: Mine / I Got RhythmmedleyMonica Lewis3:12
Selections from Girl Crazy: I Got Rhythm / Embraceable You / Bidin' My Time / But Not for Me / I Got RhythmmedleyJohn Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra5:53
Suite based On: Fascinating Rhythm / Someone to Watch Over Me / 's Wonderful / Embraceable You / A Foggy Day / I Got Rhythminstrumental and medleyWally Stott & His Orchestra16:26
Suite for Lady and PrezmedleySheila Jordan7:25