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composer:Angelo Badalamenti
Richard Melville Hall
lyricist:Richard Melville Hall
miscellaneous support:David Lynch (filmmaker)
publisher:Anton Music
Bobkind Music
Little Idiot Music
O.K. Paul Music
Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
Wikidata:Q1652489 [info]


2000-05Go (live, 2000-05: Winchester, UK)liveMoby3:51
2000Go (live, 2000: London, UK)liveMoby3:49
2005-05-19Go (live, 2005-05-19: Carling Academy, London, UK)liveMoby5:11
2005Go (live, 2005: Leuven, Belgium)liveMoby4:09
Go (part of a “The Gallery: 15 Years” DJ‐mix)Moby1:27
Go (part of “Not Forgotten: Greatest Dancefloor Moments 1990-2000” DJ-mix)Moby3:28
Go (part of a “ID&T Classics: The Megamixes” DJ‐mix)Moby1:15
Go (part of “Grandmix: The 90s Edition” DJ-mix)partialMoby1:47
Go (2009-04-19: A State of Trance #400, “72 Hours Radio, Part 1: Trance.nu Feature”)Moby1:53
Go (part of a “Grandmix: The Millennium Edition” DJ‐mix)partialMoby1:32
Go (part of “Trance Nation Classics” DJ-mix)Moby6:21
Go (part of “MoS: Old Skool Ravers” DJ-mix)Moby3:34
Go (part of “House Party I: The Ultimate Megamix” DJ‐mix)Moby1:45
Go (live at Exit)liveMoby4:20
Go (live, 2003-06-29: Glastonbury, UK)Moby3:47
Go (part of “Original Rave Anthems” DJ‐mix)Moby?:??
Go (part of “Space Ibiza Birthday” DJ-mix)Moby6:29
GocoverPete Tong with The Heritage Orchestra4:05
GocoverDJ Matthew Grim4:30
Go (part of “Ministry of Sound: Back to the Old Skool” DJ-mix)Moby3:46
Go (part of “Gatecrasher’s Club Anthems” DJ-mix)Moby3:19
Go (part of “Gatecrasher Anthems: Paul van Dyk” DJ mix)Moby1:42
Go (part of “Techno Classics, Vol 1” DJ-mix)Moby1:22
Go (live, 2005-05-25: Offenbach Stadthalle, Offenbach am Main, Germany)liveMoby5:15
Go (part of “Rave Nation: House, Ambient and Techno Dance” DJ-mix)Moby3:30
Go (part of “Trance Classics” DJ-mix)Moby3:58
Go (part of “Kiss Does… Rave: Original Rave v Nu Rave” DJ‐mix)Moby3:24
Go (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix: Rave Revival”)Moby3:30
Go (part of “Fantazia Club Classics” DJ-mix)Moby4:14
Go (part of “DJ Slipmatt: 88-92 Anthems 2” DJ-mix)Moby4:01
Go (part of “Turn Up the Bass: Megamix 1991” DJ‐mix)Moby1:01
Go (part of a “Cream Classics, Vol 2” DJ‐mix)Moby4:12
Go (part of “Raveology: Old Skool Rave Classics” DJ‐mix)Moby2:40
Go (part of “Ministry of Sound: Very Best of Back to the Old Skool” DJ-mix)Moby3:49
Go (DJ-mixed by Anthony Pappa)Moby4:17
Go (part of “MoS: Club Classics” DJ-mix)Moby3:00
Go (part of a “Ibiza: The History of House” DJ‐mix)Moby2:56
Go (DJ‐mix from “Breakdown: The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes”)Moby2:53
Go (part of a “Rush Hour 2” DJ‐mix)Moby3:06
Go (part of a “The DJ 5: In the Mix” DJ‐mix)Moby4:50
Go (live)liveMoby?:??
Go (part of a “Loveparade: The Anthems” DJ‐mix)Moby3:53
Go (part of “Ministry of Sound: Back to the Old Skool” DJ-mix)Moby3:56
Go (part of “100% Pure Old Skool Club Classics” DJ-mix)Moby3:30
Go (part of “Urbal Beats 2” DJ-mix)Moby3:48
Go (2006 mIX)Moby4:22
Go (2006)Moby?:??
Go (2006)Moby6:39
Go (Amphetamix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby3:36
Go (Amphetamix)Moby5:34
Go (Amphetamix)Moby3:33
Go (Analog mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby3:26
Go (Analog mix)Moby6:21
Go (Analog mix)Moby6:23
Go (Arpathoski mix)Moby6:04
Go (Arpathoski mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby4:55
Go (Barracuda mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby4:41
Go (Barracuda mix)Moby4:56
Go (Bart Skils remix)Moby9:11
Go (Best mix)Moby4:27
Go (Delerium mix) (part of a “The History of Trance Euphoria” DJ‐mix)Moby3:43
Go (Delirium mix)Moby6:08
Go (Delirium mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby6:03
Go (Delirium mix)Moby6:08
Go (Delirium mix) (part of “Trance Traxx: Best Trance Mixes & Remixes” DJ‐mix)Moby4:42
Go (Delirium mix) (part of “Trancemaster: Flashback” DJ-mix)Moby3:03
Go (Delirium mix)Moby6:07
Go (Delirium remix)Moby6:03
Go (Dolphin remix)Moby3:49
Go (Fourward remix)Moby6:05
Go (Fourward Remix)Moby6:04
Go (Hardwell remix edit) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs: The Biggest Hits of the Year MMXVI” DJ‐mix)Moby4:30
Go (Hardwell remix edit)Moby4:28
Go (Hardwell remix)Moby4:23
Go (Hardwell remix) (part of a “Kontor: Festival Sounds 2016: The Closing” DJ‐mix)Moby4:30
Go (Hardwell remix) (part of a “Big City Beats 25” DJ‐mix)Moby4:15
Go (Hardwell remix)Moby4:18
Go (Hardwell remix)Moby5:28
Go (HI-LO remix edit)Moby4:34
Go (HI-LO remix)Moby5:48
Go (In dub mix edit) (part of “Trance Traxx: Best Trance Mixes & Remixes” DJ‐mix)Moby3:39
Go (In dub mix)Moby6:39
Go (In dub mix) (DJ mixed)Moby4:24
Go (In dub mix) (part of “@Home @Sunrise” DJ-mix)Moby6:04
Go (In Dub mix)Moby7:19
Go (In Dub mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby7:03
Go (In Dub mix) (part of “Gatecrasher: Digital” DJ-mix)Moby6:17
Go (In Dub mix)Moby6:18
Go (In Dub mix) (part of a “Ibiza 24/7” DJ‐mix)Moby6:27
Go (In Dub mix) (part of a “Clubbed Out” DJ‐mix)Moby6:20
Go (In Dub Mix) (part of “Dreamstates” DJ-mix)Moby3:42
Go (iTunes Originals version)Moby3:46
Go (Jam & Spoon dub) (part of a “Chilled Euphoria” DJ‐mix)Moby5:37
Go (Jam & Spoon in dub mix) (part of a "Back to Mine: Nick Warren" DJ mix)Moby6:38
Go (Jam & Spoon mix)Moby5:17
Go (Jam & Spoon Remix)Moby6:07
Go (Jam & Spoon's Delirium mix)Moby6:08
Go (Jam and Spoon in dub mix)Moby?:??
Go (Live at Poseurs mix)Moby6:20
Go (live at the Splash Club)liveMoby2:42
Go (live)liveMoby4:27
Go (Loco Dice remix)Moby8:32
Go (Low Spirit mix)Moby2:55
Go (Low Spirit mix)Moby6:15
Go (Low Spirit mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby2:56
Go (Manic Brothers remix)Moby9:07
Go (Mulder mix) (part of “Aphrodite: Urban Junglist” DJ-mix)Moby4:35
Go (Night Time mix)Moby6:11
Go (Night Time mix)Moby5:19
Go (Night Time mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby5:02
Go (original mix) (part of “Best of Club Classics, Volume 1” DJ-mix)Moby6:28
Go (original mix)Moby6:15
Go (original mix)Moby6:10
Go (original mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby2:11
Go (original version)Moby6:15
Go (original)Moby6:15
Go (Rainforest mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby5:07
Go (Rainforest mix)Moby4:27
Go (Rainforest mix)Moby5:21
Go (Rainforest mix)Moby5:18
Go (Rainforest mix)Moby5:20
Go (Rainforest mix) (part of “Techno Nights Ambient Dawn” DJ-mix)Moby4:12
Go (Rainforest mix) (part of “Digital Empire: Techno Anthems” DJ-mix)Moby5:18
Go (Rainforest mix)Moby3:04
Go (Raintorest mix)Moby2:44
Go (remix 98)Moby4:03
Go (remix)Moby6:14
Go (Soundtrack mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby5:34
Go (Soundtrack mix)Moby5:15
Go (Subliminal mix) (part of “Mixmag Live!, Volume 2” DJ-mix)Moby4:12
Go (Subliminal mix)Moby4:25
Go (Subliminal mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby4:12
Go (Subliminal mix)Moby4:28
Go (Subliminal mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Chilled II 1991-2009” DJ‐mix)Moby4:04
Go (The Mover mix)Moby6:07
Go (Tiger Stripes Black Lodge remix)Moby7:22
Go (Tiger Stripes White Tail remix)Moby7:08
Go (Treasure Fingers remix)Moby4:38
Go (Trentem0ller remix) (part of a “House Rebels 012” DJ‐mix)Moby4:46
Go (Trentemøller remix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2007” DJ‐mix, Germany)Moby5:17
Go (Trentemøller remix)Moby6:59
Go (Trentemøller remix)Moby4:35
Go (Trentemøller remix) (part of “Dr. Lektroluv: Live Recorded at Rock Werchter” DJ-mix)Moby6:19
Go (Trentemøller remix)Moby6:46
Go (Trentemøller remix) (part of “Cooking for Pump-Kin: Special Menu” DJ-mix)Moby4:36
Go (Trentemøller remix) (part of a “MoS: Clubbers Guide to 2007” (AU) DJ‐mix)Moby4:41
Go (Trentemøller remix) (part of “Club Azuli, 2007” DJ-mix)Moby6:29
Go (Trentemøller remix)Moby4:19
Go (Trentemøller remix)Moby5:17
Go (Trentemøller remix)Moby7:03
Go (Trentemøller remix)Moby5:53
Go (Trentemøller remix) (edit)Moby6:00
Go (Vitalic remix)Moby?:??
Go (Vitalic remix)Moby2:01
Go (Vitalic remix)Moby5:13
Go (Vitalic remix)Moby4:19
Go (Voodoo Child mix)Moby4:50
Go (Voodoo Child mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby4:44
Go (Woodstick mix) (part of “A Retrospective of House 91-95” DJ-mix)Moby3:38
Go (Woodstick mix)Moby3:29
Go (Woodstick mix)Moby5:02
Go (woodtick mix)Moby6:32
Go (woodtick mix)Moby6:32
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby5:23
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “Trashed in Ibiza” DJ-mix)Moby4:19
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:32
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “Electric” DJ‐mix)Moby3:03
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “The Ibiza Selection” DJ-mix)Moby4:52
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:33
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:33
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “The House Collection: Club Classics” DJ‐mix)Moby3:25
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:34
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:34
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Rave Anthems 1990–1996” DJ‐mix)Moby3:36
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “Go: The Collected Mixes” DJ-mix)Moby4:27
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby3:57
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “A Decade Of Ibiza 1987-1997” DJ-mix)Moby4:24
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “Haçienda30” DJ-mix)Moby6:01
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby4:29
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of “Space: Ibiza Dance” DJ-mix)Moby6:00
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of a “MoS: Back to the Old Skool: Indie Dance Classics” DJ‐mix)Moby4:58
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby3:36
Go (Woodtick mix) (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix: 90s Hits”)Moby4:39
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby4:22
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:33
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:33
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby4:28
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby3:57
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:33
Go (Woodtick mix)Moby6:34
Go (Woodtick Mix)Moby4:28
Go (Woodtick Mix)Moby6:34
Go (Woodtick remix) (part of “The Greatest Dance Tracks Of All Time” DJ-mix)Moby6:31
Go 2006Moby4:22
Go 2007 (Trentemøller remix)Moby5:25
Go! (Flim Flam Mix Session)Moby3:04
Go! (Digital mix by Joseph Watt)Moby6:47
Go! (Trentemøller remix) (part of “Trentemøller: The Pølar Mix” DJ-mix)Moby6:32
Go! (Woodtick mix)Moby3:41
Go! (Woodtick mix)Moby6:31