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  • First copyright date: 1974-11-01
  • Copyright renewed in 2002
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lyricist:Bob Dylan (in 1974)
Bette Midler (in 1974)
composer:Bette Midler (in 1974)
publisher:ソニー・ミュージックパブリッシング A事業部
Ram’s Horn Music (from 1974 until 2002)
Special Rider Music (from 2002 to present)
Wikidata:Q4983038 [info]


1974-09-17Buckets of Rain (9/17/74, take 1 – with bass)Bob Dylan2:57
1974-09-17Buckets of Rain (9/17/74, take 2 – with bass)Bob Dylan3:20
1974-09-18Buckets of Rain (9/18/74, take 1, remake – solo)Bob Dylan3:19
1974-09-18Buckets of Rain (9/18/74, take 2, remake – solo)Bob Dylan3:03
1974-09-18Buckets of Rain (9/18/74, take 3, remake – solo)Bob Dylan0:53
1974-09-18Buckets of Rain (9/18/74, take 4, remake – solo)Bob Dylan2:37
1974-09-19Buckets of Rain (9/19/74, rehearsal – with bass)Bob Dylan0:53
1974-09-19Buckets of Rain (9/19/74, take 1, remake 2 – with bass)Bob Dylan3:08
1974-09-19Buckets of Rain (9/19/74, take 2, remake 2 – with bass)Bob Dylan1:03
1974-09-19Buckets of Rain (9/19/74, take 3, remake 2 – with bass)Bob Dylan1:55
1974-09-19Buckets of Rain (9/19/74, take 4, remake 2 – with bass)Bob Dylan3:23
1974-09-19Buckets of Rain (9/19/74, take 5, remake 2 – with bass)Bob Dylan3:27
1975-10-11Nuggets of Rain (11 October 1975)Bob Dylan?:??
1988Buckets of Rain (live, 1988: Newport Folk Festival)cover and liveHappy and Artie Traum5:39
2002-05-02Buckets of Rain (live, 2002-05-02: The Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveJimmy LaFave3:58
2003-09-30Buckets of Rain (live, 2003-09-30: Largo, Los Angeles, CA, USA)cover and liveBeth Orton feat. M. Ward4:34
2008-03-30Buckets of Raincover and liveMartin Simpson3:00
Buckets of RaincoverBroderick Smith4:39
Buckets of RaincoverRedbird3:41
Buckets of RaincoverRyan Adams10:58
Buckets of RainJimmy LaFave3:25
Buckets of RaincoverDanny Schmidt4:52
Buckets of RaincoverJoan Osborne3:55
Buckets of Rain (original studio)Bob Dylan3:23
Buckets of RaincoverMaria Muldaur4:13
Buckets of RaincoverThurston Moore4:06
Buckets of Rain (original test pressing mix)Bob Dylan?:??
Buckets of RainBette Midler4:00
Buckets of RaincoverSteve Howe3:54
Buckets of RaincoverClaudia Jacobs3:50
Buckets of RaincoverMundy2:43
Buckets of Rain (live)cover and liveDavid Gray3:21
Buckets of RaincoverDanny Schmidt4:54
Buckets of RaincoverSara Softich3:48
Buckets of RaincoverWendy Bucklew3:38
Buckets of RaincoverTim Timebomb3:05
Buckets of RaincoverThe Booglerizers2:23
Buckets of RaincoverNeko Case3:29
Buckets of RainBob Dylan3:22
Buckets of RainBob Dylan?:??
Buckets of RainBob Dylan3:22
Buckets of RainBob Dylan3:29
Buckets of Raincover, instrumental and partialJewels and Binoculars5:06
Buckets of RaincoverJohn Renbourn & Wizz Jones4:20
Buckets of RainliveBob Dylan4:01
Buckets of RaincoverFistful of Mercy3:12
Buckets Of RainBob Dylan3:29
Buckets of Rain (5.1 mix)Bob Dylan3:22
Buckets of Rain (2003-09-30, Largo, LA, USA) (live, 200x: USA)cover and liveM. Ward feat. Beth Orton4:34
Buckets of Rain (Feb 12, 2006, Beacon Theater, New York, NY)cover and livePhil Lesh & Friends with Joan Osborne?:??
Buckets of Rain (Sep 30, 2003, Cafe Largo, Los Angeles, CA)cover and liveBeth Orton & M. Ward?:??
Nuggets of RainBob Dylan3:52