Take Five (original instrumental version)

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composer:Paul Desmond
publisher:Derry Music Company
Desmond Music Company
Valentine Music Group Ltd.
Valentine Music Verlag
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/work/20406 [info]
Wikidata:Q844299 [info]
later versions:Take Five (song version)
is the basis for:Prisca “Five”


1959-07-01Take Five (mono version)The Dave Brubeck Quartet5:27
1959-07-01Take FiveDave Brubeck5:27
1959-07-01Take FivePaul Desmond2:58
1959-07-01Take Five (stereo)The Dave Brubeck Quartet5:27
1962-08-28Take Five (live, 1962-08-28: White House Seminar American Jazz Concert, National Sylvan Theater, Washington, DC, USA)liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:28
1962Take FivecoverElek Bacsik3:14
1963-02-21Take FiveliveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:30
1963-02-21Take Five (live, 1963-02-21: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet7:17
1963-10-21Take FivecoverArne Domnérus Orkester5:30
1965-08-22Take Five (incomplete)live and partialThe Dave Brubeck Quartet1:50
1966Take FiveliveDave Brubeck5:42
1967-05-12 – 1967-05-14Take FiveliveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet feat. Paul Desmond5:11
1967-10-24Take FiveliveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:19
1967-12-26Take FiveliveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:18
1972-11-04Take FiveliveDave Brubeck16:06
1974-05-29Take FivecoverGeorge Benson7:08
1974-05-29Take FivecoverGeorge Benson7:44
1975-01-11Take Five (live, 1975-01-11: Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY, USA)cover and liveGeorge Benson5:37
1976-03-10Take Fiveinstrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet9:50
1976-12Take FiveliveArne Domnérus6:57
1977-01 – 1977-02Take Five (live, 1977-01/2: Europe)liveAl Jarreau6:44
1977-01 – 1977-02Take Five (live, 1977-01/2: Europe)liveAl Jarreau7:20
1980Take FiveRhoda Scott2:41
1982-07-22Take Five (Live at Montreux 1982)liveDave Brubeck8:21
1982-08-08Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:50
1988Take FiveliveDave Brubeck6:55
1989-03-27Take FiveManhattan Jazz Quintet9:59
1989Take FiveGeorge Shearing3:24
1990-09-12 – 1990-09-24Take FivecoverManhattan Jazz Orchestra9:57
1995-01Mission: Impossible / Take FivemedleyLalo Schifrin3:14
1995-06-11 – 1995-06-12Take FiveliveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet9:39
1996-02-23Take FivecoverEgils Straume Trio6:37
1998-11-10 – 1998-11-12Take FiveliveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet13:44
1999-02Take FiveHorn & Pipe3:41
2000-09-30Take FiveliveTeekkaritorvet2:35
2002-07-10 – 2002-07-11Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet6:54
2003-11-17Take FiveliveAnthony Braxton10:29
2004-02-12One/Take 5 (live, 2004-02-12: Manchester Academy 2, Manchester, England)cover, live and medleyRodrigo y Gabriela6:48
2004-06Take FiveThe Great Jazz Trio6:49
2004-11-13Take FiveliveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet9:47
2008-03-30Take Five (live, 2008-03-30: Shibuya duo Music Exchange, Tokyo, Japan)cover and liveRodrigo y Gabriela5:18
2010-09 – 2012-03Take FivecoverPanzerballett7:07
2013-01-08Baby Baby / Take Fivecover and liveKannaste-Viinikainen-Riippa11:29
2014-09-09 – 2014-09-11Take FiveBob Dorough Trio feat. Michael Hornstein3:14
2016-04-30Take Five (live, 2016-04-30: International Jazz Day 2016: The White House, Washington, DC, USA)liveAl Jarreau, Chick Corea, Christian McBride, Brian Blade, Lee Ritenour & 渡辺貞夫?:??
Take 5Slava Grigoryan, Jane Rutter3:46
Take 5coverXL3:30
Take 5American Horn Quartet, The Horns of the New York Philharmonic?:??
Take 5coverMulo Francel & Evelyn Huber4:00
Take 5cover松本孝弘3:34
Take 5coverPortland Cello Project feat. Skip vonKuske5:42
Take fivecoverSistergold3:11
Take FiveDave Brubeck5:28
Take FiveDave Brubeck5:23
Take FiveHelen & the Horns?:??
Take FiveHelen and the Horns?:??
Take Fiveinstrumental and liveAl Jarreau?:??
Take FiveinstrumentalAl Jarreau3:31
Take FiveinstrumentalAl Jarreau?:??
Take FiveinstrumentalAl Jarreau & Kurt Elling3:48
Take FiveinstrumentalAl Jarreau3:29
Take FivecoverGeorge Benson5:42
Take Fivecover and instrumentalThe Brecon Brothers4:12
Take FivecoverHarvey Mason5:41
Take Fivecover and instrumentalJeff Peterson4:18
Take FiveDave Brubeck5:24
Take FiveThe U.S. Army Blues9:11
Take FivecoverNed Luberecki3:33
Take FivecoverAcoustic Alchemy4:40
Take FiveDave Brubeck2:53
Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet2:56
Take FiveDave Brubeck5:28
Take FivecoverVictor Bach3:32
Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Trio & Gerry Mulligan4:01
Take FiveDave Brubeck3:35
Take FivecoverThe Welsh Guitar Duo?:??
Take Five (live, 1977-01/2: Europe)instrumentalAl Jarreau6:44
Take FiveliveManhattan Jazz Quintet11:15
Take FivecoverThe Recliners5:31
Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:25
Take Fivecover and instrumentalAngelo4:07
Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet5:27
Take FiveDavy Graham2:47
Take FivePaul Desmond7:05
Take FivePaul Desmond7:13
Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet feat. Gerry Mulligan, Alan Dawson & Jack Six9:32
Take FiveCharly Antolini, Jan Eschke, Florian Trübsbach, Andy Kurz?:??
Take FiveCarmen McRae & The Dave Brubeck Quartet2:16
Take FiveDave Brubeck5:23
Take FivecoverThe Soulful Strings2:57
Take FiveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet2:54
Take FivecoverGeorge Benson3:44
Take FivecoverQuarteto Berimbau8:08
Take FivecoverDivina Caffé3:18
Take FivecoverHelge & Hardcore4:35
Take FivecoverJoja Wendt3:59
Take FiveDave Brubeck5:26
Take FivecoverJazzkantine3:52
Take FivecoverQuincy Jones3:27
Take FivecoverTrudy Pitts & Pat Martino4:29
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