writer:Douglas Adams (English author)
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later translated versions:Das Restaurant am Ende des Universums (Roman)
Restaurangen vid slutet sv universum


Chapter 1Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:02
Chapter 1partialDouglas Adams3:04
Chapter 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:53
Chapter 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:01
Chapter 1 (continued): “Tricia McMillian — or Trillian — had skipped the planet six months earlier…” / Chapter 2: “Like all Vogon ships it looked as if it had been not so much designed as congealed.”partialDouglas Adams2:52
Chapter 2partialDouglas Adams12:22
Chapter 2Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman13:38
Chapter 2 (continued): “‘I’m going to need some help with this one,’ said the machine tersely.” / Chapter 3: “‘Does anyone have a kettle?’ Arthur asked…”partialDouglas Adams3:03
Chapter 2 (continued): “He toyed with this thought a little before reluctantly dismissing it.”partialDouglas Adams2:57
Chapter 2 (continued): “It has been said that Vogons are not above a little bribery and corruption…”partialDouglas Adams3:14
Chapter 2 (continued): “When put to the test, however, it invariably produced a plastic cup filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.”partialDouglas Adams2:58
Chapter 2, Part 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman6:45
Chapter 2, Part 2partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman6:00
Chapter 2apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:00
Chapter 2bpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman2:42
Chapter 2cpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:51
Chapter 2dpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:03
Chapter 3partialDouglas Adams21:11
Chapter 3 (continued): “‘It is trying,’ said Zaphod with wonderful restraint, ‘to make tea.’” / Chapter 4: “Ten light years away, Gag Halfrunt jacked up his smile by several notches.”partialDouglas Adams3:01
Chapter 3 (continued): “‘No, you listen to me, you see-through old bat,’ said Zaphod…”partialDouglas Adams3:01
Chapter 3 (continued): “He started to speak, and stopped.”partialDouglas Adams3:00
Chapter 3 (continued): “On Zaphod’s brow stood beads of sweat, first of concentration, then of frustration and finally of embarrassment.”partialDouglas Adams2:58
Chapter 3 (continued): “Quite how Zaphod Beeblebrox arrived at the idea of holding a seance at this point…”partialDouglas Adams2:53
Chapter 3 (continued): “The noise and the shaking had reached terrifying proportions.”partialDouglas Adams3:09
Chapter 3 (continued): “Zaphod felt he was teetering on the edge of madness…”partialDouglas Adams2:56
Chapter 3, Part 1Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman11:49
Chapter 3, Part 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:06
Chapter 3, Part 2partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:15
Chapter 3, Part 2Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman10:36
Chapter 3, Part 3partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman6:02
Chapter 3, Part 4partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman7:32
Chapter 3apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:29
Chapter 3bpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:30
Chapter 3cpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:04
Chapter 3dpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:45
Chapter 3epartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:06
Chapter 4Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman2:35
Chapter 4partialDouglas Adams2:30
Chapter 4partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman2:33
Chapter 4 (continued): “They searched every corner of the ship in increasing bewilderment and alarm.” / Chapter 5: “Ursa Minor Beta is, some say, one of the most appalling places in the known Universe.”partialDouglas Adams2:53
Chapter 4 / Chapter 5, Part 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:05
Chapter 5Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman8:16
Chapter 5partialDouglas Adams8:17
Chapter 5 (continued): “If at that moment you had then looked at the next table but one you would have seen Zaphod Beeblebrox…”partialDouglas Adams3:04
Chapter 5 (continued): “The book is a guide book, a travel book.”partialDouglas Adams3:12
Chapter 5, Part 2partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:49
Chapter 5apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:25
Chapter 5bpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:46
Chapter 6partialDouglas Adams18:57
Chapter 6 (continued): “‘Mr Beeblebrox, sir,’ said the insect in awed wonder, ‘you’re so weird you should be in movies.’”partialDouglas Adams3:00
Chapter 6 (continued): “‘Oh, fine,’ said Marvin, ‘if you happen to like being me which personally I don’t.’”partialDouglas Adams3:00
Chapter 6 (continued): “‘You know something?’ said Zaphod to Marvin.”partialDouglas Adams2:56
Chapter 6 (continued): “At that moment a commotion broke out in the reception hall behind them.”partialDouglas Adams2:55
Chapter 6 (continued): “From the opposite direction came a larger black spider-like object.”partialDouglas Adams1:44
Chapter 6 (continued): “Zaphod Beeblebrox entered the foyer.”partialDouglas Adams2:51
Chapter 6, Part 1Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman9:58
Chapter 6, Part 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman6:49
Chapter 6, Part 2partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman6:56
Chapter 6, Part 2Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman11:14
Chapter 6, Part 3partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman7:23
Chapter 6: “‘Hello? Yes? Megadodo Publications, home of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…’”partialDouglas Adams3:00
Chapter 6apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:39
Chapter 6bpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:07
Chapter 6cpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:05
Chapter 6dpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman6:17
Chapter 7partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman7:19
Chapter 7Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman7:04
Chapter 7partialDouglas Adams6:33
Chapter 7 (continued): “‘Just ran off and left you, did they?’ the machine thundered.” / Chapter 8: “‘So, do we just sit here, or what?’ said Zaphod angrily, …”partialDouglas Adams3:09
Chapter 7 (continued): “‘Yes, go on,’ said Marvin to the huge battle machine, ‘you’ll never guess.’”partialDouglas Adams3:11
Chapter 7: “Marvin stood at the end of the bridge corridor.”partialDouglas Adams2:48
Chapter 7apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:01
Chapter 7bpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:58
Chapter 8partialDouglas Adams6:43
Chapter 8partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman7:22
Chapter 8Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman7:09
Chapter 8 (continued): “‘You ever had a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster?’ asked Zaphod sharply.” / Chapter 9: “The air around the second planet of the Frogstar system was stale and unwholesome.”partialDouglas Adams2:52
Chapter 8 (continued): “The left-hand tower of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy offices streaked through interstellar space…”partialDouglas Adams2:55
Chapter 8apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman2:39
Chapter 8bpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:27
Chapter 9Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman11:43
Chapter 9partialDouglas Adams12:31
Chapter 9 (continued): “About a hundred yards or so away, … was what would probably have to be described as a landing pad of sorts.”partialDouglas Adams3:07
Chapter 9 (continued): “After what seemed like a sort of ethereal sigh it added, ‘You know how it is with bodies.’” / Chapter 10: “The Universe, as has been observed before, is an unsettlingly big place, …”partialDouglas Adams3:10
Chapter 9 (continued): “There is, however, nothing soothing about being addressed by a disembodied voice out of nowhere, …”partialDouglas Adams2:54
Chapter 9 (continued): “Zarniwoop’s office was on the fifteenth floor.”partialDouglas Adams2:56
Chapter 9, Part 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:10
Chapter 9, Part 2partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman6:30
Chapter 9apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:23
Chapter 9bpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman3:18
Chapter 9cpartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:06
Chapter 10Douglas Adams read by Martin Freeman9:52
Chapter 10partialDouglas Adams10:58
Chapter 10 (continued): “At the bottom of the shaft, the rear of the elevator opened up and Zaphod stumbled out …” / Chapter 11: “he Total Perspective Vortex derives its picture of the whole Universe on the principle of extrapolated matter analyses.”partialDouglas Adams3:12
Chapter 10 (continued): “Exotic though this behaviour may seem, …”partialDouglas Adams2:50
Chapter 10 (continued): “The voice was still again, leaving Zaphod with no idea of what to say.”partialDouglas Adams3:18
Chapter 10 (continued): “Zaphod shook his head in bemusement and stumbled forward across the plain.”partialDouglas Adams2:34
Chapter 10, Part 1partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman4:40
Chapter 10, Part 2partialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:10
Chapter 10apartialDouglas Adams read by Martin Freeman5:15
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