lyricist and composer:Peter Schilling (German synthpop musician)
translator:David Lodge
dedicated to:Peer Musikverlag
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Wikidata:Q923433 [info]
later parody versions:Major Rip-Off (Trade-Ins Blow)
translated version of:Major Tom (Völlig losgelöst)


1983Major Tom '94 (english version)Peter Schilling & Bommbastic3:46
1983Major Tom '94 (chillout mix) (English version)Peter Schilling & Bomm-Bastic4:40
1983Major Tom '94 (club mix) (English version)Peter Schilling & Bomm-Bastic6:02
1983Major Tom (Coming Home)Peter Schilling4:59
1983Major Tom (Coming Home)Peter Schilling3:39
1983Major Tom (Coming Home)Peter Schilling4:11
1983Major Tom (Coming Home) (instrumental version)instrumentalPeter Schilling4:47
1983Major Tom (Coming Home) (special extended version)Peter Schilling8:06
1983Major Tom (radio club remix) (2004 English version)Peter Schilling3:01
1983Major Tom 2004 (extended clubremix) (English version)Peter Schilling6:00
1983Major Tom 2004 (Mike Brings hardstyle remix) (english version)Peter Schilling5:30
1983Rock the Funky Beats / Back in Black / Major Tom (Coming Home) / Love Is a Battlefieldmedley and partialNatural Born Chillers / AC/DC / Peter Schilling / Pat Benatar3:20
Coming HomecoverDeejay One3:48
Coming HomecoverDeejay One3:36
Major TomcoverMilking the Goatmachine3:46
Major TomcoverThe Space Lady?:??
Major TomcoverShiny Toy Guns4:10
Major Tomcover and liveFenix TX3:53
Major TomcoverUnit:1875:36
Major Tom (Code 64 Remix)coverApoptygma Berzerk6:03
Major Tom (Coming Home)coverWilliam Shatner feat. Nick Valensi5:17
Major Tom (Coming Home)coverMxPx3:36
Major Tom (Coming Home)coverVulpecula4:11
Major Tom (Coming Home)coverApoptygma Berzerk4:48
Major Tom (Coming Home) (Alon Cohen remix)coverApoptygma Berzerk4:33
Major Tom (Coming Home) (People Theatre remix)coverApoptygma Berzerk4:54
Major Tom (Coming Home) (Technomancer & Angst Pop remix)coverApoptygma Berzerk4:39
Major Tom (English version)coverChiasm5:18
Major Tom (Peter Schilling Cover)coverFrost Giant5:17
Major Tom (Peter Shilling)coverThe Space Lady5:05
Major Tom / Space OdditycoverTufts University Beelzebubs6:24
Space Oddity / Major Tomcover and medleyTufts University Beelzebubs5:25