lyricist:Harold Adamson
composer:Jimmy McHugh (songwriter)


1928-06-26You’re a Real SweetheartLillie Delk Christian with Louis Armstrong Hot Four3:11
1937-10-14You're a SweetheartTommy Dorsey and His Clambake Seven3:07
1938-02-02You're a SweetheartRonnie Munro & His Orchestra2:52
1938-02-02You're a SweetheartAl Bowlly with orchestra conducted by Ronnie Munro2:54
1951-06-13You’re a SweetheartFrank Sinatra featuring Ken Lane2:21
1954-10You're a SweetheartinstrumentalRuby Braff2:58
1954-11-16You're a SweetheartinstrumentalOscar Peterson4:44
1954-11You're a SweetheartinstrumentalThe Benny Goodman Quartet2:58
1955-03You're a SweetheartinstrumentalRuby Braff2:50
1960-06-30You're a SweetheartThe Mose Allison Trio2:12
1965-05-26You're a SweetheartBetty Carter4:04
1969-12-06You're a SweetheartliveBetty Carter3:44
1991-04-30You're a SweetheartinstrumentalRuby Braff4:05
2000-05You’re a SweetheartWesla Whitfield4:41
You Are a SweetheartBenny Goodman2:58
You're a SweetheartHarry James and His Orchestra3:48
You're a SweetheartBenny Goodman2:59
You're a SweetheartBenny Goodman?:??
You're a SweetheartBenny Goodman3:00
You're a SweetheartBenny Goodman2:58
You're a SweetheartBenny Goodman3:01
You're a SweetheartBenny Goodman3:00
You're a SweetheartinstrumentalRuby Braff2:59
You're a SweetheartinstrumentalOscar Peterson4:42
You're a SweetheartBlack Gardenia3:05
You're a SweetheartBetty Carter4:00
You're a SweetheartBenny Goodman3:00
You're a SweetheartcoverLannie Garrett2:35
You're a SweetheartGordon MacRae2:57
You're a SweetheartTommy Dorsey & His Orchestra3:08
You're A SweetheartBenny Goodman?:??
You're A SweetheartBenny Goodman and His Orchestra2:59
You’re a SweetheartBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:00
You’re a SweetheartBenny Goodman2:59
You’re a Sweetheartinstrumental[unknown]3:01
You’re a SweetheartBenny Goodman3:00
You’re a SweetheartDinah Washington2:27