writer:John Cale (Velvet Underground founder)
Jonathan Richman
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q7121722 [info]
later translated versions:Sprayback


1975-11-05Pablo Picasso (live, 1975-11-05: Drury Lane, London, England, UK)cover and liveJohn Cale?:??
2003-09-08Pablo Picasso (live, 2003-09-08: Hammersmith Riverside Theatre, London, England)cover and liveDavid Bowie5:29
Pablo PicassocoverArms of Kismet?:??
Pablo PicassocoverJohn Cale3:21
Pablo Picassocover and liveDavid Bowie4:43
Pablo PicassoThe Modern Lovers4:22
Pablo PicassoJonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers4:22
Pablo PicassoThe Modern Lovers4:22
Pablo PicassocoverJohn Cale3:23
Pablo PicassocoverCatholic Discipline3:40
Pablo PicassocoverBurning Sensations4:03
Pablo PicassoJonathan Richman4:20
Pablo PicassocoverDavid Bowie4:06
Pablo PicassocoverFour Year Beard4:07
Pablo Picasso (5.1 mix)David Bowie4:06