The Stupids

~ Soundtrack


composer: Christopher L. Stone
orchestrator: Lisa Bloom Cohen
Robert Mills
parts: Fatal Error (The Stupids)
Garbage (The Stupids)
Home Again (The Stupids)
Joan on the Hunt (The Stupids)
Kidnapped (The Stupids)
Kill Him (The Stupids)
Last Place You Look (The Stupids)
Look Into Your Hearts (The Stupids)
Main Title (The Stupids)
Meet Mr. Spencer (The Stupids)
Military Men (The Stupids)
On the Trail (The Stupids)
Stanley Captured (The Stupids)
Stanley the Bush (The Stupids)
Stupid Hackers (The Stupids)
Stupidea (The Stupids)
The Drive Bee (The Stupids)
With Extreme Prejudice (The Stupids)