composer:Jimmy Van Heusen (1939)
lyricist:Eddie DeLange (1939)
publisher:Scarsdale Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Wikidata:Q430948 [info]
referred to in medleys:Medley: A Cottage for Sale / Darn That Dream


1939-10-20Darn That DreamMildred Bailey3:00
1939-11-22Darn That DreamMildred Bailey3:00
1939Darn That DreamBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:01
1940-02-20Darn That DreamThe Count Basie Orchestra4:03
1948-09-11Darn That Dream (live, 1948: USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis4:34
1950-03-09Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis3:25
1951-04Darn That Dreamcover and instrumentalStrings and Keys3:38
1951-04Darn That Dream (alternate take)instrumentalCharles Mingus3:37
1953-04-29 – 1953-04-30Darn That DreamcoverGerry Mulligan Quartet?:??
1953-04-29 – 1953-04-30Darn That Dream (alternate take)instrumentalGerry Mulligan Quartet3:23
1953-04-29 – 1953-04-30Darn That Dream (master take)instrumentalGerry Mulligan Quartet3:49
1953-06-16Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveStan Getz & Chet Baker12:08
1953-12-15Darn That Dream (take 1)instrumentalKenny Dorham Quintet4:50
1953-12-15Darn That Dream (take 2)instrumentalKenny Dorham Quintet4:52
1953-12-18 – 1953-12-28Darn That DreamLucy Ann Polk2:45
1953Darn That Dream (live, 195x: USA)instrumental and liveMiles Davis4:30
1954-08-02Darn That DreaminstrumentalClifford Brown & Max Roach4:04
1954-08-14Darn That DreamClifford Brown, Max Roach, Harold Land, Richie Powell, George Morrow, Herb Geller, Keter Betts, Junior Mance, Clark Terry, Maynard Ferguson, Dinah Washington5:18
1954Darn That DreaminstrumentalHerb Geller, Milt Bernhart, John Graas, Don Fagerquist, Howard Roberts, Marty Paich, Curtis Counce, Larry Bunker?:??
1955-06Darn That DreamJ. R. Monterose3:22
1955-09-18Darn That DreaminstrumentalDexter Gordon4:21
1955-11Darn That DreaminstrumentalDexter Gordon Quartet4:21
1955-12-11Darn That DreaminstrumentalChet Baker4:29
1956-04-03Darn That Dream (studio, 1956-04-03; trio recording for Riverside)instrumentalThelonious Monk6:31
1956-10-26Darn That DreaminstrumentalChet Baker3:31
1956-10-26Darn That DreamChet Baker3:31
1957-01-03 – 1957-01-07Darn That DreamBillie Holiday6:20
1957-01Darn That DreamBillie Holiday6:20
1957-10-20Darn That DreaminstrumentalHank Mobley6:10
1959-10-29Darn That DreaminstrumentalBill Evans & Lee Konitz1:58
1960-05-30Darn That DreamcoverMartial Solal3:50
1960-11-01Darn That DreaminstrumentalArnett Cobb4:47
1961-05-15Darn That DreaminstrumentalThe Jazztet4:29
1961-10-09 – 1961-10-10Darn That DreamGeorge Shearing & The Montgomery Brothers4:17
1961-10-09 – 1961-10-10Darn That Dream (take 1)George Shearing & The Montgomery Brothers4:11
1962-05-14Darn That Dreamcover and instrumentalBill Evans & Jim Hall5:10
1962-05-14Darn That DreaminstrumentalBill Evans & Jim Hall5:07
1962Darn That DreamElla Fitzgerald2:34
1963-02-23Darn That DreamSathima Bea Benjamin3:47
1964-06-02Darn That DreaminstrumentalDexter Gordon7:32
1964Darn That DreamDon Friedman Quartet5:37
1965-10-31Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveLennie Tristano5:22
1971-11-15Darn That Dream (studio, 1971-11-15; solo piano recording for Black Lion)instrumentalThelonious Monk5:47
1975-08-24Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveDexter Gordon9:47
1975-12-10Darn That DreaminstrumentalHorace Parlan4:42
1977-05-07Darn That DreaminstrumentalArchie Shepp5:59
1978-12-06Darn That DreaminstrumentalTommy Flanagan, Kenny Barron5:26
1979-09Darn That DreaminstrumentalChet Baker3:45
1980-04-04Darn That DreaminstrumentalKenny Barron9:16
1982-04-13 – 1982-04-14Darn That DreamArt Pepper and George Cables4:18
1982-04-13 – 1982-04-14Darn That DreaminstrumentalArt Pepper and George Cables4:18
1984-01Darn That DreaminstrumentalCharlie Rouse & Red Rodney9:35
1984-01Darn That DreaminstrumentalCharlie Rouse & Red Rodney7:13
1986-07-05Darn That DreaminstrumentalAndrew Hill4:26
1987-10Darn That DreaminstrumentalTed Brown Trio9:10
1989-07-25 – 1989-08-01Darn That DreamTiziana Ghiglioni / Enrico Rava / Mal Waldron5:42
1991-10Darn That DreaminstrumentalMcCoy Tyner6:06
1991-12-15Darn That DreaminstrumentalJohn Swana7:20
1992-04Darn That DreamcoverPaul Motian and the Electric Bebop Band3:59
1992-08-09Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveCedar Walton5:05
1993-10Darn That DreaminstrumentalAnthony Braxton12:05
1993-10Darn That DreaminstrumentalAnthony Braxton11:49
1993Darn That DreaminstrumentalSonny Rollins6:52
1994-01-03Darn That DreaminstrumentalEric Alexander5:36
1995-03-02Darn That DreaminstrumentalCharles McPherson6:35
1996-01Darn That DreamcoverTom Harrell6:50
1998-08Darn That DreaminstrumentalKurt Rosenwinkel8:17
1998Darn That DreamPoncho Sanchez4:33
2000-01-18Darn That DreamcoverHendrik Meurkens /3:56
2000-03-20 – 2000-03-21Darn That DreamcoverSteve Davis7:45
2001-03-29Darn That DreaminstrumentalCedar Walton5:36
2003-12-11Darn That DreaminstrumentalMelvin Rhyne6:25
2004-01-22Darn That DreaminstrumentalRob Schneiderman5:37
2005-10-26Darn That DreamHouston Person6:25
2008-05-17Darn That DreamNew York Voices9:03
2010-05-16 – 2010-05-17Darn That DreamcoverVijay Iyer4:14
2014-11-28Darn That DreaminstrumentalKenny Barron / Mark Sherman7:37
2015-11-24Darn That DreaminstrumentalGeorge Coleman8:08
2015-11-30 – 2015-12-01Darn That DreamLee Konitz5:17
2016-02-22Darn That DreaminstrumentalEthan Iverson4:44
2016-04-29 – 2016-04-30Darn That DreaminstrumentalTony Tixier5:29
Darn that DreaminstrumentalJimmy Greene7:28
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:16
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:17
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:14
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:18
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis3:24
Darn That Dreamcover and liveMiles Davis2:51
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:16
Darn That DreaminstrumentalLouie Bellson5:06
Darn That Dream (studio, 1971-11-15; solo piano recording for Black Lion)Thelonious Monk5:47
Darn That Dream (studio, 1965-03-02; solo piano recording for Columbia)Thelonious Monk3:42
Darn That DreamPaolo Fresu Quintet7:27
Darn That DreamBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:00
Darn That DreamRed Mitchell, Kenny Barron7:06
Darn That DreamMax Zentawer Trio8:19
Darn That DreamJim Odrich4:40
Darn That DreamDinah Washington5:14
Darn That DreamJim Odrich4:45
Darn That DreamSarah Vaughan3:45
Darn That DreaminstrumentalBilly Childs7:10
Darn That DreamDinah Washington5:19
Darn That DreaminstrumentalKonitz / Rava Quartet7:32
Darn That DreaminstrumentalAga Taura Confab guest artist Enrico Rava3:31
Darn That DreamBillie Holiday6:19
Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveChris Dean, Syd Lawrence Orchestra4:32
Darn That DreaminstrumentalCal Tjader?:??
Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveJimmy Raney5:01
Darn That DreaminstrumentalNick Brignola7:04
Darn That DreaminstrumentalTeddy Wilson Trio2:16
Darn That DreaminstrumentalMcCoy Tyner6:04
Darn That DreamNancy Wilson2:51
Darn That DreaminstrumentalHarvie S with6:53
Darn That DreaminstrumentalRyan Kisor6:40
Darn That DreamDoris Day?:??
Darn That DreamRebecca Kilgore4:14
Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveArt Farmer and Jim Hall Quartet4:55
Darn That DreamJernej Brence Quartet6:54
Darn That DreamLage Lund Trio + 16:00
Darn That DreamFrancesca Leone5:07
Darn That DreamArt Pepper4:19
Darn That DreamArt Pepper and George Cables5:03
Darn That Dream (live, 2010-12-30: Umbria Jazz Winter, Orvieto, IT)cover and instrumentalChick Corea & Stefano Bollani7:12
Darn That DreaminstrumentalDexter Gordon Quartet4:18
Darn That DreamcoverHarold McNair Quartet?:??
Darn That DreaminstrumentalDexter Gordon Quartet4:18
Darn That DreamMiles Davis?:??
Darn That DreaminstrumentalDexter Gordon7:32
Darn That DreamcoverTony Bennett3:19
Darn That DreaminstrumentalCal Collins5:26
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:22
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:25
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:18
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:26
Darn That Dream (live, 1955-02-11: Hi-Hat Club, Boston, MA, USA)coverMiles Davis4:15
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:21
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis3:25
Darn That DreamcoverMiles Davis4:23
Darn That DreamMildred Bailey2:56
Darn That DreamMiles Davis4:18
Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveJunko Onishi Trio6:31
Darn That DreamValerie Joyce2:56
Darn That DreamChet Baker, Russ Freeman, Bob Whitlock & Bobby White3:08
Darn That DreamcoverCatherine Russell2:38
Darn That DreaminstrumentalSergio Salvatore3:57
Darn That DreamChet Baker3:52
Darn That DreaminstrumentalClaes Andersson Trio4:48
Darn That DreaminstrumentalJoe Wilder5:03
Darn That DreamBillie Holiday6:19
Darn That DreaminstrumentalStan Getz5:58
Darn That Dreaminstrumental and liveMcCoy Tyner Trio6:11
Darn That DreaminstrumentalLee Konitz & Jimmy Giuffre1:55
Darn That DreamTony Perkins?:??
Darn That DreamcoverLionel Hampton3:39
Darn That DreamCharlie Parker All-Stars4:18
Darn That DreamThe Miles Davis Nonet3:23
Darn That DreaminstrumentalRob McConnell & The Boss Brass6:38
Darn That DreamPiotr Wojtasik9:25
Darn That Dream (alternate take)Art Pepper5:04
Darn That Dream (live)cover and liveMiles Davis4:24
Darn That Dream [Alternate Take]Benny Goodman and His Orchestra3:02
Vad Fort Det GickcoverBo Sundström4:03
1985-05Dream Medley: I Had the Craziest Dream / Darn That DreammedleyGeorge Shearing & Mel Tormé4:21