Lili Marlene (English lyrics by Tommie Connor)

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lyricist:Hans Leip
composer:Norbert Schultze
translator:Tommie Connor (English songwriter)
publisher:Peter Maurice Music Co. Ltd.
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group)
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referred to in medleys:Songs of the First and Second World War (order: 4)
later translated versions:莉莉瑪蓮
translated version of:Lili Marleen (Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens, original German version)


1944-05-09Lili MarleneAmbrose and His Orchestra2:50
1945-09-07Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich with Charles Magnante and His Orchestra3:26
1945-09-07Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich3:26
1945Lili Marlene (english version)Marlene Dietrich3:24
1954-06Lili (Lilli) Marlene (live, 1954-06: Café de Paris, London, United Kingdom)cover and liveMarlene Dietrich3:05
1962-06-03Aftermyth of WarBeyond the Fringe10:30
1964-12-12Lili Marlene (live, 1964-12-12: Queen's Theatre, London)liveMarlene Dietrich3:43
1990-09Lili MarleneliveGeorge Shearing & Mel Tormé6:18
Lili MarleencoverOmnia2:41
Lili Marleen (englische Version)Marlene Dietrich3:25
Lili MarlenecoverWaterloo & Robinson2:58
Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich3:27
Lili MarlenecoverMarlene Dietrich3:40
Lili MarleneVera Lynn2:47
Lili MarleneLale Andersen2:49
Lili MarleneinstrumentalLeo Diamond?:??
Lili MarleneDolores Keane3:10
Lili MarlenecoverAnne Shelton2:50
Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich3:24
Lili MarleneVaughn Monroe3:04
Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich3:25
Lili MarleneLale Andersen3:12
Lili MarleneCliff Adams Singers and the Jack Emblow Quartet2:36
Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich3:27
Lili MarlenePerry Como2:59
Lili MarleneLale Andersen3:06
Lili MarleneJoni James2:57
Lili MarleneLale Andersen2:52
Lili MarleneWerner Müller, His Chorus and Orchestra2:29
Lili Marlenecover and instrumentalAl Melgard1:50
Lili MarlenecoverSiân Phillips3:39
Lili MarleneVera Lynn2:49
Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich3:24
Lili MarlèneMarlene Dietrich3:47
Lilli MarleneBryn Yemm?:??
Lilli MarlenecoverKid Creole and the Coconuts3:54
Lilli Marlene (englisch) ℗ 1944Anne Shelton, Stanley Black & his Orchestra2:48
Lilly Marlenecover and liveBzn3:00
Lily Marlène (französisch) ℗ 1942Suzy Solidor, Chor u. Orch., Ltg.: Georges Briez3:19
Medley: If I Had My Way / I Don’t Wanna Walk Without You Baby / Lili Marlene / Music Maestro PleasemedleyMax Bygraves3:49
When the Lights Go on Again (All Over the World): Lili MarleneMarlene Dietrich3:26