writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
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Northern Songs Ltd.
Sony Music Publishing (Japan), Inc., A Division
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referred to in medleys:Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite! / I Want You (She’s So Heavy) / Helter Skelter (Love version) (order: 3)


1968-07-18Helter Skelter (take 2, edit)The Beatles4:38
1968-07-18Helter Skelter (first version – take 2)The Beatles12:54
1968-09-09Helter Skelter (second version – take 17)The Beatles3:39
1968-09-09 – 1968-09-10Helter Skelter (2018 stereo mix)The Beatles4:30
1978-02-06Helter Skelter (John Peel session 2) (live, 1978-02-06: Maida Vale Studio 4, BBC, London, England, UK)cover and liveSiouxsie and the Banshees3:36
1982-11-19Helter Skelter (live, 1982-11-19)cover and liveMötley Crüe4:17
1983Helter Skelter (live, 1983: Royal Albert Hall, London, England, UK)cover and liveSiouxsie and the Banshees3:41
1987-11-08Helter Skelter (live, 1987-11-08: McNichols Arena, Denver, CO, USA)cover and liveU23:08
1987-11-11Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:20
1989-10-05Helter Skelter (live, 1989-10-05: Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, CA, USA)cover and liveMötley Crüe4:08
1989-12-31Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:21
1993Helter Skelter (live, 1993)cover and liveWhite Zombie2:58
1993Helter Skeltercover and liveAlice Donut4:58
1994-10-31Helter Skelter (live, 1994-10-31: Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY, USA)cover and livePhish4:24
1995-09-07Helter Skelter (live, 1996-09-07: Night of the Music Awards, Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveBon Jovi1:35
1996-11-30Helter Skelter (live, 1996-11-30: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA, USA)cover and liveSoundgarden2:10
1996Helter Skeltercover and liveMamá Ladilla3:22
1997-07-22Helter Skelter (live, 1997-07-22: Paléo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland)cover and liveNoir Désir9:21
2002-02-23 – 2002-02-25Helter Skeltercover and instrumentalScenario, Simone Santini, Alberto Marsico, Enzo Zirilli?:??
2005-09-22Helter Skelter (live, 2005-09-22: Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA)livePaul McCartney4:10
2005-10-10Helter Skelter (live, 2005-10-10: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, CA)Paul McCartney?:??
2005-10-26Helter Skelter (live, 2005-10-26: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2009-07Helter Skelter (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney?:??
2009-07Helter Skelter (live, 2009-07: Citi Field, New York City, New York, USA)livePaul McCartney3:48
2012-12-12Helter Skelter (live, 2012-12-12: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, USA)livePaul McCartney4:10
2015Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover)coverPussy Riot3:05
2018-12-05Helter Skelter (live, 2018-12-05: Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Austria)livePaul McCartney3:52
Helter SheltercoverPat Benatar3:32
Helter SkeltercoverShout at the Devil3:11
Helter SkeltercoverOasis6:30
Helter Skelter ("live")coverRichard Cheese2:23
Helter SkeltercoverThe Gary Schreiner Big Band4:17
Helter SkeltercoverHanging Dong5:08
Helter SkeltercoverRed Pens5:17
Helter Skelter (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)cover and liveGillan5:42
Helter SkeltercoverKadavar4:21
Helter Skelter (live)cover and liveGillan5:38
Helter Skelter (live, 1982-12-17: Wembley Stadium, London, UK)cover and liveGillan6:30
Helter SkeltercoverCoverheads3:25
Helter SkeltercoverPat Benatar?:??
Helter SkeltercoverMorgan James3:21
Helter Skeltercover and liveSiouxsie And The Banshees3:47
Helter SkeltercoverSiouxsie and the Banshees3:49
Helter SkeltercoverPopdudes2:57
Helter Skeltercover and liveSoundgarden?:??
Helter Skeltercover and liveSoundgarden7:47
Helter SkelterThe Beatles?:??
Helter SkelterThe Beatles0:37
Helter SkeltercoverRob Zombie & Marilyn Manson3:35
Helter Skelter (live, 2005)Paul McCartney?:??
Helter SkelterThe Beatles3:40
Helter SkeltercoverB For Bang3:41
Helter Skeltercover and liveMötley Crüe3:24
Helter SkeltercoverSamael3:26
Helter SkelterThe Beatles?:??
Helter SkelterThe Beatles?:??
Helter SkelterThe Beatles3:38
Helter SkeltercoverKikagaku Moyo3:22
Helter Skeltercover and liveBonerama5:46
Helter SkeltercoverThe Bates3:23
Helter Skeltercover and liveOasis5:27
Helter SkeltercoverOasis7:42
Helter Skelter (original mono studio mix)The Beatles3:39
Helter SkeltercoverWilly Chirino5:38
Helter SkelterThe Beatles1:22
Helter SkelterliveThe Beatles0:57
Helter SkelterliveThe Beatles0:57
Helter SkelterThe Beatles3:42
Helter SkelterThe Beatles3:38
Helter SkelterThe Beatles3:41
Helter SkelterThe Beatles3:40
Helter SkelterThe Beatles3:41
Helter Skelter (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles4:31
Helter SkeltercoverSiouxsie and the Banshees3:47
Helter SkeltercoverPat Benatar4:30
Helter SkeltercoverThe Dead Daisies4:16
Helter Skeltercover浜田麻里3:16
Helter Skeltercover and liveMarco Mengoni3:19
Helter SkeltercoverRoger Daltrey4:02
Helter SkeltercoverTitlePending2:59
Helter Skelter (live)cover and liveBon Jovi4:47
Helter Skeltercover and liveOasis6:33
Helter SkeltercoverR.A.M. Pietsch4:27
Helter SkeltercoverThe Pretty Things4:54
Helter SkeltercoverAerosmith3:17
Helter SkeltercoverThe Bobs1:56
Helter SkeltercoverMötley Crüe3:12
Helter SkeltercoverOasis8:24
Helter SkeltercoverGillan3:26
Helter SkeltercoverDimension Zero3:03
Helter SkeltercoverLa Caja Negra2:58
Helter SkeltercoverOasis5:52
Helter SkeltercoverLouis Bertignac6:24
Helter SkeltercoverDana Fuchs3:42
Helter SkeltercoverThrice3:18
Helter SkeltercoverPat Benatar3:51
Helter SkeltercoverVOW WOW6:07
Helter SkeltercoverDerwood Andrews3:36
Helter SkeltercoverCaliban3:37
Helter SkeltercoverSkrew6:01
Helter SkeltercoverJoe Lynn Turner6:04
Helter SkeltercoverAutolux4:33
Helter Skeltercover and liveUrban Dance Squad6:17
Helter SkeltercoverNoir Désir9:07
Helter SkeltercoverAndrés Calamaro2:36
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:21
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:21
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:50
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:21
Helter SkeltercoverU23:11
Helter SkeltercoverU23:22
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:40
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:40
Helter SkeltercoverU23:02
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:39
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:50
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:39
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:45
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:26
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:46
Helter Skeltercover and liveU23:17
Helter Skelter (Arr. for Cello)coverMatt Haimovitz4:36
Helter Skelter (demo)The Beatles0:55
Helter Skelter (False Start - Alt)The Beatles3:42
Helter Skelter (live, 2004: Glastonbury)livePaul McCartney5:42
Helter Skelter (live)cover and liveHüsker Dü5:06
Helter Skelter (live)liveMassacre3:20
Helter Skelter (live)cover and livePat Benatar4:55
Helter Skelter (live)cover and liveBon Jovi3:20
Helter Skelter (mono mix)The Beatles3:38
Helter Skelter (mono-mix 7.9.68)The Beatles3:35
Helter Skelter (Pre-mastered version)coverMadre de Dios?:??
Helter Skelter (RM1 take 21)The Beatles?:??
Helter Skelter (RS5 Take 21)The Beatles?:??
Helter Skelter (stereo)The Beatles3:46
Helter Skelter (stereo)The Beatles3:39
Helter Skelter (take 2 - Complete)The Beatles?:??
Helter Skelter (take 2)The Beatles?:??
Helter Skelter (take 21 RM1 - Complete)The Beatles?:??
Helter Skelter (take 21, RM3)The Beatles?:??
Helter Skelter (take 21)The Beatles?:??
Helter Skelter (vocal Track - Partial)The Beatles?:??
Medleycover, live and medleyTelevision Personalities14:51
XcoverSpite Extreme Wing4:15