lyricist and composer:Kansas Joe McCoy
publisher:Edwin Morris Music
Morley Music Co
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Wikidata:Q1762648 [info]
later versions:Why Don't You
version of:Weed Smoker’s Dream


1942-07-27Why Don’t You Do Right (1942 version 33048-1)coverPeggy Lee feat. Benny Goodman3:14
1942Why Don’t You Do Right?Peggy Lee2:27
1953-09-19Why Don't You Do Right? (live, 1953-09-19: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveElla Fitzgerald3:13
1959-01-09Why Don't You Do RightBarbara Dane2:42
1961-04-24Why Don't You Do It RightcoverThe Family of Mann2:29
1961-04-24Why Don't You Do It Right (stereo)coverThe Family of Mann2:29
1961-08-11Why Don't You Do Right?Cal Tjader, Mary Stallings2:36
1961-08-11Why Don't You Do Right? [Alt. take]Cal Tjader, Mary Stallings2:38
1961-08Why Don’t You Do RightTeddy Edwards Quartet, Helyne Stewart2:56
1964-01-31Why Don't You Do RightinstrumentalThe Ramsey Lewis Trio4:20
1965-09Why Don't You Do RightPat Bowie, Charles McPherson3:45
1997-10-11Why Don't You Do RightMark Shane & Terry Blaine5:30
2005-06Why Don't You Do RightMina Agossi2:34
2008-08Why Don't You Do Right?Carol Welsman featuring Ken Peplowski and Frank Capp2:45
2008Why Don't You Do Right? (live, 2008: Basilica Industria, Hudson, NY, USA)cover and liveRasputina2:00
2009-04-20Why Don't You Do Right?cover and instrumentalRay Skjelbred3:24
2009-06Why Don't You Do RightCarol Welsman2:45
Reminiscing with Harry James and Benny Goodman: Why Don't You Do Right?Benny Goodman & Peggy Lee3:14
Why Don't Ya Do Right?coverBenny Goodman3:12
Why Don't You Do RightLil Green2:59
Why Don't You Do RightJulie London2:17
Why Don't You Do RightcoverRasputina2:21
Why Don't You Do RightBenny Goodman and His Orchestra?:??
Why Don't You Do RightConnie Evingson3:11
Why Don't You Do RightcoverLaVern Baker4:46
Why Don't You Do RightBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:14
Why Don't You Do RightcoverPeggy Lee2:26
Why Don't You Do RightOran Etkin5:52
Why Don't You Do RightcoverChina Moses5:04
Why Don't You Do RightcoverCarthy Hardy Farrell Young2:41
Why Don't You Do RightcoverJoe Pass2:59
Why Don't You Do RightcoverSugarpie and The Candymen3:35
Why Don't You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too!)Joanie Sommers2:02
Why Don't You Do Right?coverThe Barry Sisters2:30
Why Don't You Do Right?Peggy Lee2:25
Why Don't You Do Right? (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)Alan Silvestri3:07
Why Don't You Do Right?Amy Irving3:04
Why Don't You Do Right?SHUFFLE Concert3:02
Why Don't You Do Right?Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass2:59
Why Don't You Do Right?coverNatalie Cole4:02
Why Don't You Do Right?Carolina Chocolate Drops3:37
Why Don't You Do Right?coverPeggy Lee with Benny Goodman and His Orchestra3:16
Why Don't You Do Right?liveKiri Te Kanawa2:53
Why Don't You Do Right? (X Factor performance)cover and liveRebecca Ferguson2:31
Why Don’t You Do RightJulie London2:20
Why Don’t You Do RightcoverLloyd Charmers?:??
Why Don’t You Do RightcoverBeth Hart & Joe Bonamassa4:36
Why Don’t You Do RightcoverPeggy Lee3:15
Why Don’t You Do RightPeggy Lee3:12
Why Don’t You Do RightLil Green2:59
Why Don’t You Do RightcoverSinéad O’Connor2:31
Why Don’t You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too) (1947 version)coverPeggy Lee2:28
Почему Ты Не Делаешь, Как НадоBenny Goodman3:12