Invitation to the Blues (Tom Waits song)

~ Song


composer:Tom Waits
lyricist:Tom Waits


1976-07-15 – 1976-07-29Invitation to the BluesTom Waits5:25
1976-12-18Invitation to the Blues (live, 1976-12-18: The Bottom Line, New York City, NY, USA)liveTom Waits?:??
1996-02-04Invitation to the Blues (live, 1996-02-04: Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA, USA)liveTom Waits3:50
1996-08-11Invitation to the Blues (live, 1996-08-11: Raven Theatre, Healdsburg, CA, USA)liveTom Waits6:36
1999-07-14Invitation to the Blues (live, 1999-07-14: Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden)liveTom Waits4:22
1999-09-23Invitation to the Blues (live, 1999-09-23: Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA)liveTom Waits4:47
1999-10-18Invitation to the Blues (live, 1999-10-18: Seattle, WA, USA)liveTom Waits?:??
2000-05-26Invitation to the Blues (live, 2000-05-26: Sala Kongresawa, Warsaw, Poland)liveTom Waits4:53
2000-05-30Invitation to the Blues (live, 2000-05-30: Rex Theatre, Paris, France)liveTom Waits?:??
2004-11-16Invitation to the Blues (live, 2004-11-16: Theater des Westens, Berlin, Germany)liveTom Waits5:26
2006-08-04Invitation to the Blues (live, 2006-08-04: Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, TN, USA)liveTom Waits4:37
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:23
Invitation to the BluescoverSneezy Waters5:33
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:21
Invitation to the Blues (live 1996-07-17: Shibuya Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan)Holly Cole6:09
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:23
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:24
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:42
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:22
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:20
Invitation to the BluescoverClaudia Bettinaglio5:41
Invitation to the BluesHolly Cole4:19
Invitation to the BluescoverHolly Cole4:23