writer:Brian Johnson (AC/DC lead singer)
Angus Young (member of AC/DC)
Malcolm Young (Guitar player for AC/DC)
publisher:J. Albert & Son
J. Albert & Son (USA) Inc.
J. Albert & Son Pty. Ltd.
J. Albert Ltd. (1980)
Marks Music (1980)
Zomba Management and Publishers Ltd. (1980)
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Shake a Legcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:14
Shake a LegAC/DC4:05
Shake a Legcover and instrumentalThe Back In Black Orchestral Ensemble3:42
Shake a LegcoverBlack Robot4:07
Shake a LegcoverJohn Corabi & Bruce Kulick4:21
Shake a LegAC/DC4:05
Shake a LegcoverSix Feet Under4:03
Shake a Legcoverz z z4:10
Shake a LegcoverD.I.4:12
Shake a LegcoverDe Crew?:??
Shake a LegcoverKate Higgins3:38
Shake a Leg (Vincenzo remix)coverJohn Corabi & Bob Kulick4:59
Shake a Leg (Vinzenzo remix)AC/DC5:01