Jurassic Park (1993 film score)

~ Soundtrack


additional orchestrator: Alexander Courage (1993-02 – 1993-03)
Conrad Pope (1993-02 – 1993-03)
composer: John Williams (soundtrack composer & conductor) (1993-02 – 1993-03)
orchestrator: John Neufeld (1993-02 – 1993-03)
Wikidata: Q3811376 [info]
is the basis for: Suite from Jurassic Park
parts: A Tree for My Bed
Dennis Steals the Embryo
Eye to Eye
Hatching Baby Raptor
High-Wire Stunts
Incident at Isla Nublar
Journey to the Island (Jurassic Park)
Jurassic Park Gate
Jurassic Park: End Credits
My Friend the Brachiosarus (Jurassic Park)
Opening Titles (Jurassic Park)
Remembering Petticoat Lane
The Raptor Attack
Theme From Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)
T‐Rex Rescue & Finale
Welcome to Jurassic Park