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composer:Roberto Concina
publisher:Jeity Music
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q2606509 [info]
is the basis for:Do You Know (I Go Crazy)


Children (part of “Cream Club Classics” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:02
Children (part of “Cream Trance Anthems: Ibiza 2009” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:03
Children (part of a “Classic Euphoria” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles5:28
Children (part of “Amnesia Ibiza Anthems” DJ-mix)Robert Miles4:05
Children (part of “Ministry of Sound: Anthems II: 1991–2009” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:46
Children (part of “Ministry of Sound: Anthems II: 1991–2009 (AU)” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:57
Children (part of a “Euphoria: A Decade of Trance Anthems” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles7:03
Children (part of a "TechnoMIX 92-96" DJ-mix)Robert Miles1:53
Children (part of “Dance Machine 9” partial mix)Robert Miles3:21
Children (part of a “Anthems: Trance” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:58
Children (part of a “Grandmix: The Millennium Edition” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles1:38
Children (part of a “Ibiza: The History of Trance” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles6:39
Children (part of “Put Your Hands Up! 3” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:01
Children (part of a Search for Sunrise 17 DJ mix)Tinlicker & Robert Miles5:30
Children (part of “Ultimate Dance Party 1997” DJ-mix)Robert Miles3:59
Children (part of “MoS: Throwback Ibiza” DJ-mix)Robert Miles4:03
Children (part of a “Fantasy Dance Hits, Volume 10” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles?:??
Children (part of a “Cream Classics, Vol 2” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles6:38
Children (part of a “ID&T Classics: The Megamixes” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles1:37
Children (part of “Euphoria Classics” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:02
Children (part of “The Biggest Breakdowns of All Time” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles6:31
Children (part of a “MoS: Running Trax” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:01
Children (part of a “MoS: XX Twenty Years” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:01
Children (part of “Ibiza: The Album (Ibiza's Definitive Anthems)” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles?:??
Children (part of “Grandmaster 96” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles2:40
Children (part of “Dance Computer 96, Volume 1” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles2:00
Children (part of “Dream Dance, Vol. 87” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles2:53
Children (part of “100% Clubland 90s” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:02
Children (part of "The Annual XXV" DJ mix)Robert Miles3:59
Children (part of "Ministry of Sound: Piano House Classics" DJ mix)Robert Miles4:07
Children (part of "Dance Decade" DJ-mix)Robert Miles4:23
ChildrenRobert Miles4:04
ChildrenRobert Miles?:??
ChildrenTinlicker X Robert Miles4:07
ChildrenRobert Miles5:31
Children (part of “MoS: I Love Ibiza” DJ-mix)Robert Miles3:49
Children (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 27” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:38
Children (part of “Ministry of Sound: Trance Nation” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:55
Children (part of a “The Very Best of Euphoric Dance: Breakdown” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:39
ChildrenRobert Miles7:34
Children (part of “Ministry of Sound: Throw Back Trance” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:58
Children (part of “Ministry of Sound: Big Tunes” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:50
Children (part of “The Rush 2010” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:58
Children (part of DJ‐mixed “In the Mix: Ibiza Classics”)Robert Miles3:56
ChildrenRobert Miles?:??
ChildrenRobert Miles?:??
ChildrenRobert Miles4:03
Children (part of “La plus grande soirée Mixée” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:59
ChildrenRobert Miles4:12
ChildrenRobert Miles3:52
ChildrenRobert Miles3:53
ChildrenRobert Miles3:51
ChildrenRobert Miles4:02
ChildrenRobert Miles3:50
ChildrenRobert Miles4:03
ChildrenRobert Miles?:??
ChildrenRobert Miles4:06
ChildrenRobert Miles5:11
ChildrenRobert Miles4:01
ChildrenRobert Miles4:07
ChildrenRobert Miles4:03
ChildrenRobert Miles7:08
ChildrenRobert Miles4:05
ChildrenRobert Miles3:52
ChildrenRobert Miles3:35
ChildrenRobert Miles?:??
ChildrenRobert Miles3:53
ChildrenRobert Miles4:02
ChildrenRobert Miles4:02
ChildrenRobert Miles3:51
ChildrenRobert Miles4:01
ChildrenRobert Miles3:49
ChildrenRobert Miles3:51
ChildrenRobert Miles3:52
Children (part of “MTV Presents Spring Dance Mix ’96” DJ‐mix)partialRobert Miles2:11
ChildrenRobert Miles3:51
Children (part of a “Rush Hour 2” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles3:33
ChildrenRobert Miles3:16
ChildrenMiami DJ Collective4:31
ChildrenRobert Miles3:16
ChildrenRobert Miles4:03
Children (part of “30 Years: Three Decades of Dance” Ministry of Sound DJ-mix)Robert Miles4:08
ChildrenRobert Miles4:07
Children (radio edit)Robert Miles3:52
ChildrenTinlicker & Robert Miles5:10
ChildrenRobert Miles4:06
Children (part of a “90’s Hitmix” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles2:31
ChildrenRobert Miles5:47
Children (part of “Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 10” DJ‐mix)Robert Miles4:29
ChildrencoverAlex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra3:47
ChildrencoverAlex Christensen & The Berlin Orchestra4:45
ChildrencoverNightside Glance6:28
ChildrenRobert Miles4:37
Children (part of “La storia della dance, vol 2” DJ-mix)Robert Miles5:22
ChildrenRobert Miles6:21
Children (part of “Adrenalin” DJ-mix)Robert Miles3:57
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