composer: David Gilmour
Roger Waters
lyricist: Roger Waters
publisher: Artemis Muziekuitgeverij B V
BMG Platinum Songs US
Pink Floyd Music Publishers
Pink Floyd Music Publishers Inc.
Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.
Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd.
Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd.
Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1980-02-07 Young Lust (live, 1980-02-07: Sports Arena, Los Angeles, USA) live Pink Floyd 5:23
1980-02-28 Young Lust (live, 1980-02-28: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA) live Pink Floyd ?:??
1980-02-28 Young Lust (live, 1980-02-28: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA) live Pink Floyd ?:??
1987-09-28 Young Lust (live, 1987-09-28: Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL, USA) live Pink Floyd 5:00
2009-10 Young Lust (live, 2009-10: Paisley Town Hall, Paisley, UK) cover and live Mac Floyd 3:39
2010-05-01 Young Lust (live, 2010-05-01: The Loft, Lansing, MI, USA) cover and live Echoes of Pink Floyd 5:04
Empty Spaces (incorrectly indexed, includes Young Lust) Pink Floyd 5:36
Raving and Drooling, Part 2 (Includes: San Tropez / The Gold It’s in The… / Young Lust) partial Pink Floyd 6:43
Young Lust Roger Waters 3:39
Young Lust cover Luther Wright & the Wrongs 3:57
Young Lust cover Penal Colony 3:52
Young Lust cover Bulldog Drummond 3:57
Young Lust cover Yellow Brick Road 4:04
Young Lust cover The Floyds 4:10
Young Lust cover The Buddha Lounge Players 3:33
Young Lust cover and live Bryan Adams 4:56
Young Lust cover The Smooth Jazz All Stars 3:30
Young Lust cover Out of Phase 3:34
Young Lust cover The Slim Kings 4:14
Young Lust cover and instrumental Trevor Exter 3:02
Young Lust cover and instrumental Vitamin String Quartet 3:09
Young Lust cover Glenn Hughes, Elliot Easton, Tony Franklin & Aynsley Dunbar 4:20
Young Lust live Roger Waters 4:03
Young Lust Pink Floyd 3:32
Young Lust cover John Law 4:15
Young Lust (live) live Pink Floyd 5:19
Young Lust (demo) Pink Floyd 4:27