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lyricist and composer:Alec Wilder
Wikipedia:en: I'll Be Around (1942 song) [info]
Wikidata:Q5965619 [info]


1942I'll Be AroundCab Calloway3:09
1943-11-14I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:39
1943-12-25I'll Be AroundcoverGlenn Miller and The Army Air Force Band3:31
1943I’ll Be AroundThe Mills Brothers3:03
1953-08I'll Be AroundinstrumentalJohnny Smith Quintet feat. Stan Getz2:47
1955-02-08I’ll Be Around (original studio mix)coverFrank Sinatra2:59
1962-03-07I'll Be AroundinstrumentalThe Three Sounds3:40
1962I’ll Be AroundcoverPeggy Lee2:47
1963I'll Be AroundSarah Vaughan3:33
1978-02-09I'll Be AroundClifford Jordan5:56
1981-05I'll Be AroundAnn Burton4:03
1988-02-04 – 1988-02-08I'll Be Aroundcover and instrumentalThe Art Farmer Quintet5:05
1989-07-25 – 1989-08-01I’ll Be AroundTiziana Ghiglioni / Enrico Rava / Mal Waldron2:48
1990-02I'll Be AroundinstrumentalScott Hamilton4:28
1990-12I'll Be AroundinstrumentalClifford Jordan Big Band5:25
1996-03-04 – 1996-03-05I'll Be AroundCarol Sloane5:10
1996I'll Be AroundCarol Welsman5:32
1999-04-27I'll Be AroundinstrumentalHouston Person5:59
2002-05-25I'll Be Around / It's Easy to Remember / You've Changedlive and medleyPatty Waters7:49
2003-06I'll Be AroundTierney Sutton3:24
2005-11-14I'll Be AroundinstrumentalFrank Morgan4:51
I'll Be AroundcoverChaka Khan5:22
I'll Be AroundRosemary Clooney3:31
I'll Be AroundinstrumentalJohn Hicks and Ray Drummond4:42
I'll Be AroundcoverCarly Simon2:34
I'll Be AroundinstrumentalEric Alexander8:01
I'll Be AroundinstrumentalEd Bickert & Rob McConnell4:36
I'll Be AroundcoverDon Cherry2:28
I'll Be AroundcoverTony Bennett3:05
I'll Be AroundinstrumentalThe Red Norvo Trio3:33
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:39
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra3:01
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra3:00
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra2:59
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:39
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra2:58
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:39
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:39
I'll Be AroundcoverJulie Rogers3:18
I'll Be AroundGeorge Shearing2:58
I'll Be AroundCarly Simon2:34
I'll Be AroundcoverRoland Hanna5:22
I'll Be AroundcoverChaka Khan5:24
I'll Be AroundMildred Bailey3:22
I'll Be AroundHank Thompson2:20
I'll Be AroundinstrumentalMarian McPartland3:29
I'll Be AroundcoverChaka Khan5:20
I'll Be AroundcoverHank Thompson?:??
I'll Be AroundThe Mills Brothers?:??
I'll Be AroundcoverHank Thompson2:20
I'll Be AroundThe Mills Brothers3:02
I'll Be AroundCarol Sloane5:07
I'll Be AroundCount Basie & The Mills Brothers2:45
I'll Be AroundRosemary Clooney3:30
I'll Be AroundliveMarian McPartland4:03
I'll Be AroundJohnny Smith Quintet feat. Stan Getz2:47
I'll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:41
I’ll Be AroundVic Damone3:38
I’ll Be AroundFrank Sinatra3:01
I’ll Be AroundcoverDick Hyman & His Orchestra2:45
I’ll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:38
I’ll Be AroundcoverRichard Chamberlain?:??
I’ll Be AroundCab Calloway and His Orchestra3:05
I’ll Be AroundcoverWillie Nelson3:00
I’ll Be AroundFrank Sinatra2:59
I’ll Be AroundEve Boswell3:03
I’ll Be AroundFrank Sinatra1:39
I’ll Be AroundThe Mills Brothers2:59
I’ll Be AroundEydie Gormé3:41