lyricist:Peter Sinfield
composer:Robert Fripp
publisher:Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd.
revision of:Drop In


1971-05-11The Letters (live, 1971-05-11: Guildhall, Plymouth, England, UK)liveKing Crimson4:48
1971-05-11The Letters (live, 1971-05-11: Plymouth, UK)King Crimson4:29
1971-05-11The LettersliveKing Crimson4:43
1971-05-11The LettersliveKing Crimson4:47
1971-05-11The Letters (Guildhall, Plymouth, May 11th)liveKing Crimson4:48
1971-08-10The Letters (live, 1971-08-10: The Marquee, London, England, UK)liveKing Crimson4:58
1971-08-10The Letters (Marquee Club, London, August 10th)liveKing Crimson4:57
1971-10-16The LettersliveKing Crimson8:05
1971-10-16The LettersliveKing Crimson8:05
1972-03-13The Letters (live, 1972-03-13: Denver, Colorado, USA)liveKing Crimson7:57
1972-03-13The Letters (live, 1972-03-13: Sound Track, Denver, CO, USA)liveKing Crimson8:06
1972-03-14The Letters (live, 1972-03-14: Sound Track, Denver, CO, USA)liveKing Crimson6:36
1972-03-19The Letters (live, 1972-03-19: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USA)liveKing Crimson9:19
1972The Letters (unidentified 1972 show no. 1)liveKing Crimson9:07
2014-09-30 – 2014-10-01The Letters (live, 2014-09-30 – 2014-10-01: Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveKing Crimson4:57
2015-09-08The LettersliveKing Crimson5:18
2015-11-20The Letters (live, 2015-11-20: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, Canada)liveKing Crimson5:38
2015The LettersliveKing Crimson6:27
2015The LettersliveKing Crimson6:28
2016-12-01The Letters (live, 2016-12-01: Museumsquartier, Halle E, Vienna, Austria)liveKing Crimson6:15
2017-06-26The LettersliveKing Crimson6:53
2017-06-26The Letters (live 2017)liveKing Crimson6:51
2017-06-28The Letters (live, 2017-06-28: The Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA)liveKing Crimson6:43
2017-07-14 – 2017-07-19The LettersliveKing Crimson6:13
2017-07-14 – 2017-07-19The LettersliveKing Crimson6:13
The LettersKing Crimson4:29
The LettersliveKing Crimson6:13
The LettersliveKing Crimson4:48
The LettersliveKing Crimson = キング・クリムゾン?:??
The LettersliveKing Crimson?:??
The LettersKing Crimson4:29
The LettersliveKing Crimson?:??
The Letters (5.1 mix)King Crimson4:27
The Letters (2010 stereo mix)King Crimson4:28
The Letters (Bill Rieflin isolated)partialKing Crimson1:33
The Letters (Bill Rieflin isolated)partialKing Crimson0:38
The Letters (Krakow)liveKing Crimson6:41
The Letters (live at Plymouth)liveKing Crimson4:49
The Letters (live in Mexico, July 2017)liveKing Crimson6:13
The Letters (Needledrop: ILPS 9175)King Crimson4:28
The Letters (rehearsal/outtake)King Crimson2:41
The Letters (RF guitars)partialKing Crimson1:10
The Letters (Tring 2018)liveKing Crimson5:59
The Letters (Venice)liveKing Crimson6:54