composer:Tod B Galloway (American composer and songwriter)
lyricist:Meade Minnigerode (American writer)
George S Pomeroy (American lyricist)
later translated versions:Chanson à ma bien-aimée


1955-01-21The Whippenpoof SongliveLouis Armstrong5:11
1960-01-18 – 1960-01-19The Whiffenpoof SonginstrumentalBen Webster2:26
1965-06-01The Whiffenpoof SongCal Tjader2:05
1965-06-01 – 1965-06-02The Whiffenpoof Songcover and instrumentalCal Tjader2:05
1977-12-02The Whiffenpoof SonginstrumentalRed Garland8:20
1983The Whiffenpoof SonginstrumentalHornboskapen2:15
The Whiffenpoof SongCount Basie & The Mills Brothers3:13
The Whiffenpoof SongcoverCliff Adams Singers and the Jack Emblow Quartet2:42
The Whiffenpoof SongRobert Merrill3:36
The Whiffenpoof SongBing Crosby3:04
The Whiffenpoof SongBing Crosby with Fred Waring and The Glee Club2:58
The Whiffenpoof SongBing Crosby2:39
The Whiffenpoof SongBing Crosby with The Fred Waring Orchestra and Glee Club3:00
The Whiffenpoof SongPerry Como3:03
The Whiffenpoof SongBing Crosby3:01
The Whiffenpoof SongJoe Reisman, His Orchestra and Chorus3:49
The Whippenpoof SongBing Crosby3:00
The Wiffenpoof SongBing Crosby3:05
The Wiffenpoof SongBing Crosby3:02
Whiffenpoof SongThe Whiffenpoofs?:??
Whippenpoof SongPerry Como2:42