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  • First copyright date: 1963-06-10
  • Copyright renewed in 1991
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lyricist and composer:Bob Dylan (in 1963)
publisher:Warner/Chappell (from 1963 until 1991)
Special Rider Music (from 1991 to present)


1963-04-12Walls of Red Wing (live, 1963-04-12: NYC Town Hall)liveBob Dylan5:42
1963-10-26Walls of Red Wing (Carnegie Hall, 10-26-63)Bob Dylan3:55
1963Walls of red wingliveBob Dylan5:35
1997-01-14Walls of Red WingcoverRamblin’ Jack Elliott feat. John Prine4:33
The Walls of RedwingcoverJoan Baez3:51
Walls of Red WingBob Dylan5:05
Walls of Red Wing (1963-04-12: Town Hall, New York City, NY, USA)liveBob Dylan6:08
Walls of Red WingBob Dylan?:??
Walls of Red WingliveBob Dylan5:50
Walls of Red WingBob Dylan5:17
Walls of Red WingBob Dylan4:00
Walls of Red WingliveBob Dylan5:23