Big Chief

~ Song


lyricist and composer:Earl King
Wikidata:Q4905436 [info]
parts:Big Chief, Part 2


1964-11Big Chief (Part 2)Professor Longhair2:35
1971-09Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:18
1974Big Chief (live)liveProfessor Longhair7:53
1984-03-03Big Chiefcover and liveThe Radiators4:21
1985-02-16Big Chiefcover and liveThe Radiators7:07
1986-02-08Big Chiefcover and liveThe Radiators3:38
1997-04-12Henri > Big Chiefcover and liveThe Radiators8:16
Big ChiefcoverDr. John5:18
Big ChiefcoverDr. John3:00
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair2:07
Big ChiefcoverDr. John3:25
Big ChiefcoverDonald Harrison with Dr. John3:10
Big ChiefcoverThe Dirty Dozen Brass Band feat. Dr. John7:11
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair2:34
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair4:12
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:42
Big ChiefcoverAllen Toussaint2:15
Big ChiefThe Subdudes3:22
Big ChiefcoverThe Transatlantics3:31
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair4:15
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:43
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair4:29
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair2:24
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair4:22
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair & The Meters4:20
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:15
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:27
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:53
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:59
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:15
Big Chief (live)Professor Longhair3:54
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:33
Big ChiefProfessor Longhair3:16
Big ChiefcoverBluesin’ the Groove feat. Adam Hall4:52
Big ChiefcoverDr. John3:26
Big Chief (Complete Version)Professor Longhair & Earl King4:29
Big Chief (Motherland to Mothership remix)United Eye presents Professor Longhair6:18
Big Chief (Part 2)Professor Longhair2:27
Big Chief (Unitedeyes Motherland to Mothership remix) (part of “Out There: 2001 Mardi” DJ-mix)Professor Longhair4:59