lyricist and composer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
publisher:EMI Music Publishing Germany GmbH (1967-2001) (in 2005)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q159633 [info]
referred to in medleys:No pasarán (order: 1)
later translated versions:Bella Ciau
No pasarán
is the basis for:Do It Now!
arrangements:Bella ciao (Goodbye Beautiful) (translated)
music quoted on:Tu madre es una cabra


1966O bella ciaoGiorgio Gaber1:31
1972Bella ciao (live, 1972: Olympia, Paris, France)liveYves Montand1:36
1997-10Bella CiaoLeny Escudero2:20
2001-05Bella ciao (live, 2001-05: Montréal)liveThomas Fersen3:28
2002Bella ciao (live, 2003: Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)liveMey, Wader, Wecker4:07
2005Bella ciaocoverChumbawamba1:36
2005Bella Ciao (live, 2005: Ringfest)cover and liveChumbawamba?:??
2006Bella ciao (live, 2006)liveChumbawamba4:49
2012-10-31Bella CiaoliveChumbawamba6:00
– 2017-02-28Bella CiaocoverUnwoman4:32
Bella ciaoNH32:48
Bella ciaoPueblo Unido3:01
Bella ciaoАкадемический ансамбль песни и пляски Российской армии2:40
Bella ciaoTalco2:23
Bella ciaoManu Pilas2:19
Bella ciaoVlado Kreslin1:40
Bella ciaoThomas Fersen2:43
Bella ciaopartialCasa del vento0:38
Bella ciao (Live at Paris Zenith 2013-01-24)liveGoran Bregović4:28
Bella ciaoBanda Bassotti2:14
Bella ciaoYves Montand1:58
Bella ciao (Live)liveGoran Bregović3:55
Bella ciaoCommandantes2:16
Bella ciaoLes Motivés2:13
Bella ciaoThomas Fersen1:53
Bella ciaoAnita Lane4:59
Bella ciaoFrancesco De Gregori & Giovanna Marini3:20
Bella Ciaocover and liveCrippled Black Phoenix4:33
Bella CiaocoverDub Shepherds3:58
Bella CiaocoverChumbawamba3:44
Bella ciao (cantata dal popolo)Cisco1:33
Bella Ciao (ELYELLA remix)Manu Pilas / ELYELLA5:26
Bella Ciao (Hugel remix extended)El Profesor4:17
Bella ciao (HUGEL remix)El Profesor & HUGEL2:45
Bella ciao (live)liveModena City Ramblers feat. Goran Bregović4:30
Bella ciao (versión lenta)Manu Pilas1:56
Bella ciao (versión orquestal)Manu Pilas5:20
Bella ciao / Forza del destinoinstrumental and medleyDavid Garrett3:03
Bella VersioncoverDub Shepherds3:57
La bella ciaocover, instrumental and livePascal Comelade1:19
O' Bella CiaoKUD Idijoti4:16
The Partisan / Bella Ciaocover, live and medleyCrippled Black Phoenix10:28
The Partisan / Bella Ciaocover, live and medleyCrippled Black Phoenix9:12
The Partisan / Bella Ciao (live in Bern 2012 A.D.)cover, live and medleyCrippled Black Phoenix10:28