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lyricist and composer:Van Morrison
publisher:Caledonia Productions, Inc. (Caledonia Soul Music Division)
Chappell Music (UK)
Van-Jan Music
Warner Bros., Inc. (Warner Bros. Music Division)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
Warner/Chappell North America
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company – do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
Caledonia Soul Music (from 1970 until 1971)
WB Music Corp. (1929–2019) (from 1970 until 2019-05-28)
WC Music Corp. (from 2019-05-28 to present)
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Wikidata:Q1403837 [info]
is the basis for:Dansarhälla
arrangements:Moondance (arr. Ravizza)
Moondance (arr. Philippe for jazz band)


1969-11-08Moondance (take 21)partialVan Morrison1:03
1969-11-08Moondance (take 22)Van Morrison4:51
1969Moondance (original stereo mix)Van Morrison4:34
1969Moondance (5.1 mix)Van Morrison4:37
1973-05-23Moondance (live, 1973-05-23: Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA, USA)liveVan Morrison5:10
1973-07-24Moondance (live, 1973-07-24: Rainbow Theatre, London, England)liveVan Morrison5:20
1974-12-22Moondancecover and live笠井紀美子 & Cedar Walton Trio4:35
1975-11-18Kitty’s Back (live, 1975‐11‐18: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK)cover, live and partialBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band17:14
1978MoondanceliveVan Morrison?:??
1979-02MoondanceliveVan Morrison3:54
1980-07-10Moondance (live, 1980-07-10: Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland)liveVan Morrison4:30
1982-04-04MoondanceliveVan Morrison2:05
1984-03-03Moondancecover and liveThe Radiators7:14
1985-05-26Moondancecover and liveMelissa Etheridge7:38
1986Moondance (live)liveVan Morrison3:43
1988-09-15MoondanceliveVan Morrison & The Chieftains2:55
1989-11-30Moondance / Feverlive and medleyVan Morrison12:15
1991-04-01Moondance (live, 1991-04-01: Muziekcentrum Vrendenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands)liveVan Morrison10:29
1991-11-19Moondancecover and liveBob Dylan?:??
1993-12-12 – 1993-12-18Moondance / My Funny Valentine (live, 1993‐12‐12–1993‐12‐18)live and medleyVan Morrison9:09
1993MoondancecoverShirley Grimes5:08
1994-02-26Moondance / My Funny Valentine (live, 1994-02-26: Apollo Theatre, Oxford, England)live and medleyVan Morrison12:58
1994-06Moondancecover and liveGreg Brown7:24
1995-05-03Moondance (live, 1995-05-03: Ronnie Scott’s, London, UK)liveVan Morrison with Georgie Fame & Friends7:19
1995-05-03MoondanceVan Morrison with Georgie Fame4:56
1995-08-06MoondanceliveVan Morrison8:47
1995-12-17Moondance (live, 1995-12-17: Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland)liveVan Morrison7:04
1996-06-19MoondanceliveRay Charles & Van Morrison?:??
1996-10-18Moondance / My Funny Valentinelive and medleyVan Morrison5:41
1998-02-20Moondance (1998-02-20: The Dome, Brighton, England)liveVan Morrison7:25
1998-12-19Moondance (KK)/My Funny Valentinelive and medleyVan Morrison7:48
2000-04-20Moondance (live, 2000-04-20: Blackpool Opera House, Blackpool, England)liveVan Morrison5:49
2002-08MoondancecoverRiho Sibul & Estonian Dream Big Band4:23
2003-07-15Moondance (live, 2003‐07‐15: Arena Santa Giuliana, Perugia, Italy)liveVan Morrison5:36
2004-05-11 – 2004-05-13MoondancecoverAnn Hampton Callaway feat. Liz Callaway4:01
2004Moondance (live, 2004)liveMichael Bublé3:54
2004Moondance (live, 2004)liveMichael Bublé?:??
2005Moondance (live, 2005: Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveMichael Bublé?:??
2006-09-15MoondanceliveVan Morrison6:21
2015-11-09Moondance (live, 2015-11-09: Event Halle, Basel, Switzerland)cover and liveRoger Cicero10:55
Moon DancecoverAppleton5:39
Moon Dance (Moon Rappin') (part of “Tadashi Yabe: City Lights” DJ-mix)United Future Organization feat. Claudia E.H4:47
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine6:43
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine6:38
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine6:36
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine5:22
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine5:30
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine5:50
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine?:??
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine5:17
MoondancecoverHarvard University Opportunes4:06
MoondancecoverLuba Mason?:??
Moondancecover and livePaul Carrack with the SWR Big Band5:14
Moondance (live, 2011-09-30: The Drill Hall, Freeschool Lane, Lincoln LN2 1EY, UK)cover and liveThe Good Guys Orchestra4:00
MoondancecoverMichael Bublé4:14
Moondance (2023 stereo remix)Van Morrison4:37
MoondancecoverThe Gentlemen of St John’s3:20
Moondance (live, 1995-05-03: Ronnie Scott’s, London, UK)Van Morrison with Georgie Fame & Friends7:19
MoondancecoverHunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar2:48
MoondancecoverTok Tok Tok?:??
MoondancecoverRamsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson5:23
MoondancecoverGeorgie Fame6:45
MoondancecoverStraight No Chaser3:05
MoondanceVan Morrison4:32
MoondancecoverRichard Fleeshman4:23
MoondancecoverMichael Feinstein3:53
Moondancecover and liveThe Black Book Band4:32
MoondanceThe Dog Run Boys3:24
MoondancecoverMaritza Horn5:10
MoondancecoverTessa Souter1:25
Moondancecover and instrumentalChris Botti2:20
MoondancecoverJonathan Rhys Meyers1:51
MoondancecoverRamsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson5:21
MoondancecoverNana Mouskouri3:37
MoondancecoverGrady Tate4:18
Moondancecover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:03
MoondanceVan Morrison4:33
MoondanceVan Morrison4:33
MoondanceVan Morrison4:36
MoondanceVan Morrison4:38
MoondanceVan Morrison4:34
MoondanceliveVan Morrison4:30
MoondanceVan Morrison4:36
MoondanceliveVan Morrison4:31
MoondanceVan Morrison4:33
MoondanceVan Morrison?:??
MoondanceVan Morrison6:43
MoondanceliveVan Morrison4:39
MoondanceliveVan Morrison10:31
MoondanceVan Morrison feat. Georgie Fame6:45
MoondancecoverKey of She3:50
MoondancecoverMark Bodino4:32
MoondancecoverBrian McFadden3:36
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine5:52
Moondancecover and liveOver the Rhine5:06
MoondancecoverIlona Knopfler4:45
MoondancecoverLiz Longley3:16
Moondancecover and liveMelissa Etheridge6:50
MoondancecoverChuck Jackson4:53
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