The Cuckoo

~ Song


This song and The Bonny Cuckoo are distinct works in the Roud index.

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composer: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
lyricist: [traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
part of: Roud Folk Song Index (number: 413)
Wikidata: Q7728364 [info]
other databases: [info]
is the basis for: The Dove


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1929-11-23 The Coo Coo Bird Clarence Ashley 2:57
1962 Coo-Coo Bird Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley 2:36
1968-05 – 1968-10 The Cuckoo Taj Mahal 4:16
And Now, a Banjo Moment instrumental and partial Solas 0:17
The Cuckoo Anne Briggs 3:12
The Cuckoo Hem 2:57
The Cuckoo cover and live The Radiators 6:07
The Cuckoo Pentangle 4:29
The Cuckoo cover Uncle Sinner 4:09
The Cuckoo [anonymous] 1:45
The Cuckoo live The Pentangle 2:58
The Cuckoo cover and live The Radiators 5:26
The Cuckoo Shirley Collins 1:47
The Cuckoo Donovan 3:49
The Cuckoo The Pentangle 4:28
The Cuckoo The Pentangle 4:29
The Cuckoo (alternate version) Taj Mahal 3:22
The Cuckoo (demo) cover Uncle Sinner 2:50