Shock Me

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The Buckcherry song “Lit Up” sounds almost identical to this.

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lyricist and composer:Ace Frehley
publisher:KISS Songs Inc. (ended)
Hori Productions America Inc.
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998)
later parody versions:Fuck Me


1977-08-16Shock Me (live, 1977-08-16: Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveKISS?:??
1977-08-26Shock Me (live, 1977-08-26: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveKISS?:??
1977-08-26 – 1977-08-28Shock Me (live, 1977-08-26~28: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveKISS5:51
1977-08-26 – 1977-08-28Shock Me (live, 1977-08-26~28: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA (LP edit))liveKISS4:30
1977-08-26 – 1977-08-28Shock Me (live, single edit)liveKISS4:17
1977-08-28Shock Me (live, 1977-08-28: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveKISS?:??
1977-09-02Shock Me (live, 1977-09-02: The Summit, Houston, TX, USA)liveKISS3:55
1977-09-02Shock Me (live, 1977-09-02: The Summit, Houston, TX, USA)liveKISS?:??
1977-12-20Shock Me (live 1977)liveKISS8:21
1978-01-27Shock Me (live, 1978-01-27: Civic Center, Springfield, MA, USA)liveKISS3:54
1987-06-29Shock Me (live, 1987-06-29: Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI, USA)liveAce Frehley’s Comet8:01
1988-03-19Shock Me (live) (live, 1988-03-19: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK)liveAce Frehley9:44
1995-08-01Shock Me (live, 1995-08-01: Monroeville Expo Market, Monroeville, PA, USA)liveKISS2:17
1995-09-27Shock Me (live, 1995-09-27: San Diego, CA, USA)liveAce Frehley4:36
1996-06-15Shock Me (live, 1996-06-15: Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA)liveKISS?:??
1996-06-28Shock Me (live, 1996-06-28: Tiger Stadium, Detroit, MI, USA)liveKISS?:??
1996-07-17Shock Me (live, 1996-07-17: Ervin J. Nutter Center, Fairborn, OH, USA)liveKISS3:44
1996-07-27Shock Me (live, 1996-07-27: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveKISS?:??
1996-11-25Shock Me / Ace Guitar Solo (live, 1996-11-25: Wembley Arena, London, England, UK)liveKISS?:??
1996-12-07Shock Me (live, 1996-12-07: Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden)liveKISS?:??
1997-06-11Shock Me (live, 1997-06-11: Prins van Oranje Hal, Utrecht, Netherlands)liveKISS?:??
1998-10-31Shock Me (live, 1998-10-31: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveKISS?:??
1998-11-22Shock Me (live, 1998-11-22: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)liveKISS3:59
2000-05-11Shock Me (live, 2000-05-11: Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL, USA)liveKISS?:??
2000-06-27Shock Me (live, 2000-06-27: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)liveKISS?:??
2009-10-17Shock Me (live, 2009-10-17: Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC, USA)liveKISS5:47
2009-10-19Shock Me (live, 2009-10-19: Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, FL, USA)liveKISS5:24
2009-10-21Shock Me (live, 2009-10-21: St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL, USA)liveKISS5:31
2009-10-22Shock Me (live, 2009-10-22: Bank Atlantic Center, Sunrise, FL, USA)liveKISS5:45
2009-10-24Shock Me (live, 2009-10-24: Jefferson Arena, Birmingham, AL, USA)liveKISS5:58
2009-10-26Shock Me (live, 2009-10-26: Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA, USA)liveKISS5:15
2009-10-28Shock Me (live, 2009-10-28: Sommet Center, Nashville, TN, USA)liveKISS5:25
2009-10-29Shock Me (live, 2009-10-29: Verizon Arena, North Little Rock, AR, USA)liveKISS5:27
2009-10-31Shock Me (live, 2009-10-31: Voodoo Experience, New Orleans, LA, USA)liveKISS5:17
2009-11-06Shock Me (live, 2009-11-06: United Center, Chicago, IL, USA)liveKISS5:32
2009-11-07Shock Me (live, 2009-11-07: Target Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA)liveKISS5:15
2009-11-09Shock Me (live, 2009-11-09: MTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada)liveKISS5:06
2009-11-10Shock Me (live, 2009-11-10: Credit Union Centre, Saskatoon, SK, Canada)liveKISS4:58
2009-11-12Shock Me (live, 2009-11-12: Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, AB, Canada)liveKISS?:??
2009-11-14Shock Me (live, 2009-11-14: General Motors Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada)liveKISS5:06
2009-11-15Shock Me (live, 2009-11-15: KeyArena, Seattle, WA, USA)liveKISS5:18
2009-11-17Shock Me (live, 2009-11-17: Rose Garden, Portland, OR, USA)liveKISS6:47
2009-11-19Shock Me (live, 2009-11-19: ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA, USA)liveKISS5:13
2009-11-21Shock Me (live, 2009-11-21: Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA, USA)liveKISS5:03
2009-11-22Shock Me (live, 2009-11-22: Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA, USA)liveKISS5:03
2009-11-24Shock Me (live, 2009-11-24: Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, USA)liveKISS5:27
2009-11-25Shock Me (live, 2009-11-25: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveKISS5:29
2009-11-27Shock Me (live, 2009-11-27: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA)liveKISS5:09
2009-11-28Shock Me (live, 2009-11-28: Pearl at the Palms, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveKISS5:21
2009-12-01Shock Me (live, 2009-12-01: Arena, Glendale, AZ, USA)liveKISS5:37
2009-12-02Shock Me (live, 2009-12-02: Don Haskins Center, El Paso, TX, USA)liveKISS5:15
2009-12-04Shock Me (live, 2009-12-04: Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX, USA)liveKISS5:11
2009-12-05Shock Me (live, 2009-12-05: Toyota Center, Houston, TX, USA)liveKISS5:11
2009-12-06Shock Me (live, 2009-12-06: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, USA)liveKISS5:18
2009-12-08Shock Me (live, 2009-12-08: BOK Center, Tulsa, OK, USA)liveKISS5:13
2009-12-10Shock Me (live, 2009-12-10: Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO, USA)liveKISS5:10
2009-12-11Shock Me (live, 2009-12-11: Mid-America Center, Council Bluffs, IA, USA)liveKISS5:11
2009-12-13Shock Me (live, 2009-12-13: Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)liveKISS5:13
2010-05-01Shock Me (live, 2010-05-01: Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK)liveKISS?:??
2010-05-10Shock Me (live, 2010-05-10: Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, England, UK)liveKISS11:16
2010-05-13Shock Me (live, 2010-05-13: Wembley Arena, London, England, UK)liveKISS?:??
2010-05-18Shock Me (live, 2010-05-18: Mediolanum Forum di Assago, Assago, Italy)liveKISS?:??
2010-06-01Shock Me (live, 2010-06-01: König-Pilsener-Arena, Oberhausen, Germany)liveKISS?:??
2010-06-03Shock Me (live, 2010-06-03: Rock am Ring, Nürberg, Germany)liveKISS12:21
2010-06-20Shock Me (live, 2010-06-20: Hellfest, Clisson, France)liveKISS?:??
2010-06-24Shock Me (live, 2010-06-24: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain)liveKISS12:19
2010-06-25Shock Me (live, 2010-06-25: Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)liveKISS?:??
2010-08-13Shock Me (live, 2010-08-13: Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, NY, USA)liveKISS?:??
2013-10-23Shock Me (live, 2013-10-23: Nippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan)live and partialKISS?:??
2013-10-24Shock Me (live, 2013-10-24: Nippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan)live and partialKISS?:??
Intro / Shock MecoverBlack Mountain Thunder5:34
Shock Me (LP version)KISS4:17
Shock MecoverSebastian Bach3:43
Shock MecoverMotorpsycho4:10
Shock MeKISS3:47
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