To Your Love

~ Song


composer: Fiona Apple
lyricist: Fiona Apple


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1999-10-29 To Your Love (live, 1999-10-29: MTV Spankin' Live, New York) live Fiona Apple 3:40
2000-01-27 To Your Love (live, 2000-01-27: Eastman Theater, Rochester, NY, USA) live Fiona Apple 3:41
2000-05-12 To Your Love (live, 2000-05-12: Kousei Nenkin Kaikan Hall, Osaka, Japan) live Fiona Apple 3:44
2006-06-27 To Your Love (live, 2006-06-27: Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA, USA) live Fiona Apple 3:57
To Your Love Fiona Apple 3:41