writer:Homer Flynn
Hardy Fox (composer for The Residents)
publisher:Pale Pachyderm Publishing
medley of:1. Der Twist beginnt
2. Land of 1000 Dances
3. Hanky Panky
4. A Horse With No Name
5. Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)
6. The Letter
7. Psychotic Reaction
8. Little Girl (Syndicate of Sound)
9. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
10. Talk Talk (The Music Machine)
11. I Want Candy
12. To Sir With Love
13. Telstar
14. Wipe Out
15. Heroes and Villains


1974-10Swastikas on ParadeThe Residents17:49
Swastikas on ParadeThe Residents17:45
Swastikas on ParadeThe Residents17:29