writer:Al Jackson, Jr. (Booker T & The MGs drummer)
Al Green
Willie Mitchell (US soul/R&B & funk producer, trumpeter & singer)
publisher:Al Green Music Inc.
Al Jackson Jr. Music
Burlington Music Co., Ltd.
Irving Music, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q1129496 [info]


1972-02-08Let’s Stay Togetherinstrumental and liveJimmy Smith6:27
1973Let's Stay TogetherinstrumentalJunior Mance5:37
1983Let’s Stay TogethercoverTina Turner3:44
1985 – 1987Let’s Stay Together (Tina Live In Europe)cover and liveTina Turner4:38
1988Let’s Stay Together (live, 1988: Rio, Brasil)cover and liveTina Turner?:??
1990-05-24Let’s Stay Together (live, 1990-05-24: Wildparkstadion, Karlsruhe, Germany)cover and liveTina Turner6:20
1996Let’s Stay Together (live, 1996: Amsterdam, The Netherlands)cover and liveTina Turner4:11
1997-02-05Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalHouston Person6:25
1997-05-08Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalEric Alexander6:00
2000-07-15 – 2000-07-16Let’s Stay Together (live, 2000-07: One Last Time In Concert)cover and liveTina Turner5:10
2007-05-29Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalOne for All8:06
2007Let’s Stay TogethercoverGuy Sebastian4:11
2008-05Let’s Stay Together (live, 2008-05: The Palms, Melbourne, VIC, AU)cover and liveGuy Sebastian6:12
2009-03-21Let’s Stay Together (50th anniversary tour live, 2009-03-21: GelreDome, Arnhem, Netherlands)cover and liveTina Turner4:07
2013-03-22レッツ・ステイ・トゥギャザー (live, 2013-03-22: Motion Blue Yokohama, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan)cover and live中沢ノブヨシ?:??
GAP Favorite Songs Favorite Jeans Commercial (director’s cut)cover and partialVarious Artists4:13
Let's Stay TogethercoverBrian Kennedy4:15
Let's Stay TogethercoverShirley Bassey4:10
Let's Stay TogethercoverDavid Garfield and Friends6:02
Let's Stay TogethercoverBarbara Lynn3:26
Let's Stay TogethercoverThe Overtones4:03
Let's Stay TogetherLemar?:??
Let's Stay TogethercoverPáll Rósinkranz4:12
Let's Stay TogetherAl Green3:17
Let's Stay TogethercoverRoberta Flack4:57
Let's Stay TogethercoverBobby Ross Avila?:??
Let's Stay TogetherliveTina Turner5:34
Let's Stay TogethercoverIsaac Hayes?:??
Let's Stay TogethercoverJerry Vivino4:39
Let's Stay TogethercoverObadiah Parker4:02
Let's Stay TogethercoverAaron Neville feat. Chaka Khan4:04
Let's Stay TogethercoverJochen Distelmeyer3:44
Let's Stay TogethercoverZed3:04
Let's Stay TogetherAl Green4:42
Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalPeter White4:57
Let's Stay TogethercoverMica Paris4:11
Let's Stay TogethercoverEtypejazz4:33
Let's Stay TogethercoverBilly Paul6:22
Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalDavid Wilson4:48
Let's Stay TogetherHerbie Mann4:57
Let's Stay Togethercover and liveCommitted1:56
Let's Stay TogethercoverClaude Denjean3:14
Let's Stay TogethercoverStanford University Everyday People3:25
Let's Stay TogethercoverArturo Sandoval4:52
Let's Stay TogethercoverChrist Analogue3:42
Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalLe Valedon feat. Kenny Geoffrey, Dan Pickering & Marion Meadows4:32
Let's Stay TogethercoverJohanna Grüssner?:??
Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalMontgomery Smith4:51
Let's Stay TogethercoverHeiko5:12
Let's Stay TogethercoverDanni Carlos3:00
Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumental[unknown]3:37
Let's Stay TogethercoverThe BB Band3:46
Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalO'Donel Levy3:08
Let's Stay TogethercoverMichael Bolton4:30
Let's Stay TogethercoverSlothrust3:20
Let's Stay TogethercoverAlphonso Williams3:20
Let's Stay TogethercoverAnnie Moses Band3:23
Let's Stay TogethercoverAaron Tippin4:01
Let's Stay TogethercoverLuke McMaster4:09
Let's Stay TogethercoverIsaac Hayes3:36
Let's Stay TogethercoverAnne Farnsworth4:21
Let's Stay TogethercoverElise Testone4:22
Let's Stay Togethercover and instrumentalHerbie Mann4:59
Let's Stay TogethercoverCommitted3:14
Let's Stay TogethercoverThe Moleskins4:11
Let's Stay TogetherAl Green4:50
Let's Stay TogethercoverMichael Bolton4:29
Let's Stay TogethercoverLynda Carter4:38
Let's Stay TogethercoverStan Walker2:49
Let's Stay TogethercoverIan Moss4:29
Let's Stay TogethercoverBoris Gardiner3:14
Let's Stay TogethercoverAaradhna3:58
Let's Stay TogethercoverAl Jarreau?:??
Let's Stay TogethercoverZed3:02
Let's Stay TogethercoverJeff Cascaro6:22
Let's Stay TogethercoverLow4:20
Let's Stay TogethercoverAl Jarreau3:20
Let's Stay TogethercoverRegine Velasquez4:15
Let's Stay TogethercoverHotel Buenavida4:47
Let's Stay TogethercoverAnne Chris3:55
Let's Stay TogethercoverThe Rippingtons4:48
Let's Stay Togethercoverparis match4:15
LET'S STAY TOGETHERcoverparis match4:16
Let's Stay Together (instrumental)coverIsaac Hayes3:47
Let’s Star TogethercoverTina Turner3:40
Let’s Stay TogetherAl Green4:43
Let’s Stay TogethercoverChapter 6?:??
Let’s Stay TogethercoverThe Pasadenas3:34
Let’s Stay TogethercoverIsaac Hayes3:32
Let’s Stay TogethercoverThe Pasadenas3:36
Let’s Stay TogethercoverIsaac Hayes3:46
Let’s Stay TogethercoverThe Pasadenas3:36
Let’s Stay TogetherTina Turner?:??
Let’s Stay TogethercoverBoston University Dear Abbeys3:02
Let’s Stay TogethercoverIsaac Hayes3:46
Let’s Stay TogethercoverIsaac Hayes3:36
Let’s Stay TogetherTina Turner?:??
Let’s Stay TogethercoverThe Pasadenas?:??
Let’s Stay TogethercoverEternal4:38
Let’s Stay TogethercoverIsaac Hayes3:32
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