Dream On

~ Song


lyricist and composer:Steven Tyler
publisher:Daksel LLC
Daksel Music Corp.
Frank Connelly Music
Music of Stage Three Aerosmith Account
Song and Dance Music
Vindaloo Productions, Inc.
フジパシフィック音楽出版 (until 2014-12-31)
フジパシフィックミュージック (from 2015-01-01 to present)
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Wikidata:Q686850 [info]
later parody versions:King Kong


1973-09-26Dream On (live, 1973-09-26: Counterpart Studios, Cincinnati, OH, USA)liveAerosmith4:46
1974-08-16Dream On (Live on the Midnight Special, Burbank, Ca, 16th August 1974) (live, 1974-08-16: Burbank, CA, USA)liveAerosmith4:27
1975Dream OnliveAerosmith5:03
1977-07-03Dream OnliveAerosmith4:32
1978-03-24Dream On (live, 1978-03-24: Veteran's Auditorium, Columbus, OH, USA)liveAerosmith4:33
1978-11-09Dream OnliveAerosmith4:48
1978-11-09Dream On (live, 1978-11-09: Capital Center, Largo, MD, USA)liveAerosmith5:08
1978Dream OnliveAerosmith4:35
1983-03-05Dream On (live, 1983-03-05: Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA, USA)liveAerosmith5:00
1984-08-31Dream On (live, 1984-08-31: Oakland, CA, USA)liveAerosmith?:??
1985-09-14Dream On (live, 1985-09-14: Manning Bowl, Lynn, MA, USA)liveAerosmith?:??
1987-09 – 1987-11Dream OncoverThe Mission3:54
1988-05-12Dream On (live, 1988-05-12: Axis, Boston, MA, USA)cover and liveThe Mission6:03
1988-12-02Dream OnliveThe Mission6:38
1990-01-19Dream On (live, 1990-01-19: Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveAerosmith5:17
1990-08-11Dream OnliveAerosmith4:41
1990-08-18Dream OnliveAerosmith5:37
1990-08-31Dream On (live, 1990-08-31: Winterthurer Musikfestwocken Festival, Winterthur, Switzerland)liveAerosmith?:??
1990Dream OnliveAerosmith5:00
1990Dream OnliveAerosmith5:39
1990Dream On (live 1990)liveAerosmith4:18
1990Dream On (Philadelphia ’90)Aerosmith5:01
1991Dream On (live 1991)liveAerosmith5:05
1993-10-31Dream On (live, 1993-10-31: Brussels, Belgium)liveAerosmith9:39
1999-12-31Dream On (live, 1999-12-31: Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan)liveAerosmith4:46
2002-01-11Dream On (live, 2002-01-11: The Joint, Las Vegas, NV, USA)liveAerosmith4:56
2003-11-20Dream On (live; 2003-11-20: The Howard Stern Show: New York, NY, USA)cover and liveTrain3:53
2004-04-03Dream OnliveAerosmith?:??
2005-08-21Dream On (live, 2005-08-21: Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA, USA)cover and liveTori Amos6:36
2007-05-04Dream On (live, 2007-05-04: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY, USA)liveAerosmith4:54
2011-11-28Dream OnliveAerosmith?:??
2011-11-30Dream OnliveAerosmith?:??
2012-11-05Dream Oncover and liveAmanda Brown?:??
2012Dream OncoverAnastacia4:35
2014-01-31Dream On (live, 2014-01-31: Howard Stern Birthday Bash, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY, USA)liveSteven Tyler & Slash featuring Train4:21
2014-06-15Dream On (live, 2014-06-15: Download Festival, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UK)liveAerosmith?:??
2014-06-15Dream On (live, 2014-06-15: Download Festival, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UK)liveAerosmith4:57
2014-06-15Dream On (live, 2014-06-15: Download Festival, Donington Park, Leicestershire, England, UK)liveAerosmith4:57
2018-09-22Dream On (live, 2018-09-22: Plovdiv Roman Theater, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)cover and liveSons of Apollo4:53
Dream onliveAerosmith5:00
Dream OnliveAerosmith?:??
Dream OnliveAerosmith?:??
Dream OnliveAerosmith5:01
Dream OnAerosmith?:??
Dream OnliveAerosmith?:??
Dream OnAerosmith?:??
Dream OnAerosmith?:??
Dream OnAerosmith?:??
Dream OnAerosmith4:41
Dream OnAerosmith?:??
Dream OnAerosmith?:??
Dream OnAerosmith?:??
Dream OnliveAerosmith?:??
Dream OnAerosmith3:26
Dream Oncover and instrumentalGabriella Quevedo4:55
Dream OnAerosmith4:27
Dream OnAerosmith4:25
Dream OnliveAerosmith4:31
Dream Oncover and instrumentalNick Proch3:31
Dream OnThe Mission6:22
Dream OncoverCornbread Red4:51
Dream OncoverBlacktop Mojo4:25
Dream OncoverBlacktop Mojo4:25
Dream OnAerosmith4:42
Dream OncoverUnwoman4:50
Dream OncoverYngwie J. Malmsteen4:28
Dream OncoverRonnie James Dio & Yngwie J. Malmsteen4:31
Dream OncoverRonnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen4:30
Dream OnliveAerosmith5:05
Dream On (live: USA)liveAerosmith4:50
Dream OnliveAerosmith4:52
Dream On (live, 1993: USA)liveAerosmith5:05
Dream OnliveAerosmith5:36
Dream OnAerosmith3:26
Dream OnliveAerosmith4:56
Dream OnRonnie James Dio4:30
Dream OncoverScott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Morgan James4:57
Dream Oncover and instrumentalAcoustic Eidolon feat. Joe Scott3:45
Dream Oncover and instrumentalGlenn Roth4:49
Dream Oncover and liveThe Mission4:47
Dream Oncover and liveAlex Skolnick Trio9:10
Dream OncoverDelilah2:01
Dream Oncover and instrumentalThe Grassmasters3:07
Dream OncoverFisher5:10
Dream OncoverLana Lane4:02
Dream OncoverGlee Cast feat. Neil Patrick Harris4:35
Dream OncoverHookslide4:33
Dream OncoverGregg Bissonette, Paul Taylor, Ronnie James Dio, Stuart Hamm & Yngwie Malmsteen4:28
Dream OncoverReece Mastin3:28
Dream Oncover and instrumentalAlex Skolnick Trio5:23
Dream On (live)cover and liveTrain4:12
Dream Oncover and instrumentalMichael Angelo Batio4:36
Dream Oncover and liveThe Mission4:35
Dream Oncover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:11
Dream OncoverKitty Litter4:57
Dream OncoverKim McFarland4:58
Dream Oncover and instrumentalPickin’ On Project4:24
Dream Oncover and instrumentalRockabye Baby!2:57
Dream OnpartialAerosmith0:58
Dream OnliveAerosmith4:58
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