Note: Smith credit on original release, but not at ISWC

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writer:Lee Haggard
Robert Smith (US songwriter, worked with Mr. Lee)
publisher:Sanlar Publishing


I Can't ForgetMr. Lee2:37
I Can't ForgetMr. Lee4:41
I Can't ForgetMr. Lee5:34
I Can't ForgetMr. Lee5:47
I Can't Forget (part of “Choice: A Collection Of Classics” DJ-mix)Mr. Lee5:05
I Can't Forget (part of "Trax Records: The 20th Anniversary Edition" DJ mix)Mr. Lee3:10
I Can't Forget (part of "Droppin' That Old School Volume 1" DJ mix)Mr. Lee1:08
I Can't Forget (part of "Coming in Loud & Queer" DJ mix)Mr. Lee2:15
I Can't ForgetMr. Lee5:34
I Can't Forget (club)Mr. Lee5:39
I Can't Forget (original 12" club mix)Mr. Lee4:40
I Can't Forget (vocal)Mr. Lee4:39
I Can’t ForgetMr. Lee3:29
I Can’t Forget (part of “The Kings of House” DJ-mix)Mr. Lee4:14
I Can’t Forget (part of “Trax Classics Presents Rewind” DJ-mix)Mr. Lee1:26