lyricist and composer:Freddie Mercury
publisher:EMI Music (do not use as release label! this is a music publisher)
EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS-affiliated)
Queen Music Ltd.
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1977-05-12Death on Two Legs (live, 1977-05-12: Broendby Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark)liveQueen3:44
1977-06-06Death on Two LegsliveQueen?:??
1977-06-06Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) (live, 1977-06-06: Earl's Court, London, UK)liveQueen4:04
1977-06-06Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) (live, 1977-06-06: Earls Court, London, England, UK)liveQueen4:04
1977-06-06Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) (alt mix) (live, 1977-06-06: Earls Court, London, England, UK)liveQueen4:04
1977-12-11Death on Two Legs (live, 1977-12-11: The Summit, Houston, TX, USA)liveQueen?:??
1977-12-11Death on Two LegsliveQueen3:10
1977-12-11Death on Two Legs (mono soundboard recorded live, 1977-12-11: The Summit, Houstan, Texas, USA)liveQueen3:36
1978-11-19Death on Two Legs (live, 1978-11-19: Jazz Tour in Long Island 1978: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, USA)liveQueen?:??
1978-12-01Death on Two Legs (live, 1978-12-01: Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada)liveQueen3:19
1978-12-01Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) (live, 1978-12-01: Rainbow Theatre, London, England)liveQueen3:20
1978-12-01Medley – Death on Two LegsliveQueen?:??
1978-12-14Death on Two Legs (live, 1978-12-14: PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada)liveQueen3:35
1979-01-24Death on Two Legs (live, 1979-01-24: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany)liveQueen?:??
1979-01 – 1979-03Death on Two LegsliveQueen3:31
1979-02-01Death on Two Legs (live, 1979-02-01: Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany)liveQueen3:34
1979-02-01Death on Two Legs / Killer Queen / Bicycle Race (live, 1979-02-01: Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany)live and medleyQueen9:40
1979-12-03Death on Two Legs (live, 1979-12-03: Getting Ready for the Game in Newcastle 3/12/79: City Hall, Newcastle, UK)liveQueen?:??
1979-12-26Death on Two Legs (live, 1979-12-26: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK)liveQueen3:11
1980-09-19Death on Two LegsliveQueen?:??
1980-12-08Death on Two Legs (1980‐12‐08: London, UK)liveQueen1:30
1980-12-08Death on Two Legs (instrumental) (live, 1980-12-08: Wembley Arena, London, England, UK)instrumental and liveQueen?:??
1980-12-08 – 1980-12-10Death on Two Legs (instrumental)instrumental, live and partialQueen1:30
1981-02-16Death on Two Legs (live, 1981-02-16: Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)liveQueen3:35
1981-02-28Death on Two LegsliveQueen3:36
1981-02-28Death on Two Legs (live, 1981-02-28: Estadio José Amalfitani, Buenos Aires, Argentina)liveQueen3:36
2004-01-20Death on Two Legs (live, 2004-01-20: (Soundcheck), KB Halle, Copenhagen, Denmark)cover and liveDream Theater3:49
2007-12-12Death on Two Legs (live, 2007-12-12: Walter-Köbel-Sporthalle, Rüsselsheim, Germany)cover and liveThe Queen Kings?:??
2010-12-10Death on Two Legscover and liveThe Protomen4:31
Death on 2 LegscoverRiotgod?:??
Death on Two Legs (the making of – clip)partialQueen3:19
Death on Two LegscoverHeathen4:01
Death on Two LegscoverRooney3:54
Death on Two LegscoverThe Bronx Casket Co.3:26
Death on Two LegsQueen3:26
Death on Two LegsinstrumentalQueen3:07
Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…Queen3:43
Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to..... (2001 5.1 mix)Queen3:42
Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) (2002 5.1 mix)Queen3:42
Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)Queen3:43
Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)coverGoGoGo Airheart3:09
Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)Queen3:43
Death on Two Legs (intro)partialQueen0:40
Death on Two Legs (The Eye version)Queen3:07
Interlude: Death on Two LegscoverDavid Palmer3:04