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The version on Billy's Gravity Demos is much longer and faster, and alternates between fast & slow sections. The "Fuzz Version" on the MCIS reissue is shorter, a bit slower overall, and more distorted, includes a lead "solo" throughout most of the track, and does not include the slower section. Pastichio Medley uses the "Fuzz Version" for its clip, although it is heavily compressed and distorted, so the lead track is less distinguishable.

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composer: Billy Corgan


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1994-03-15 – 1994-03-16 Blast (1994-03-15 to 1994-03-16: Gravity Studios, Chicago, IL, USA) The Smashing Pumpkins 4:11
Blast (Fuzz version) The Smashing Pumpkins 2:56
Pastichio Medley medley The Smashing Pumpkins 23:01