Susie Q

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lyricist and composer:Dale Hawkins
additional composer:Eleanor Broadwater
Stanley Lewis (well known 60s/70s US producer/songwriter)
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Wikidata:Q2281058 [info]
later parody versions:EZKiel
later versions:Suusalugu


1957Susie QDale Hawkins2:17
1964-05Suzie QcoverBob Dylan & Eric Von Schmidt5:36
1969-03-14Suzie Q (live, 1969-03-14: The Fillmore, CA, USA)cover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival11:45
1969-08-17Suzie Q (live, 1969-08-17: Yasgur’s Farm, Bethel, NY, USA)cover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival10:52
1971-09-21Green River / Suzie Q (live, 1971-09-21: Stockholm, Sweden)cover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival4:28
1976-01-18Susie QcoverSonny Burgess1:48
1989-03-04Suzie Q (live, 1989-03-04: Sporthal Trije, Franeker, Netherlands)cover and liveHessel5:45
1993-10-15Suzy Q (live)cover and liveUncle Tupelo7:13
1993-10-15Suzy Q (live)liveUncle Tupelo7:22
1996-12-06Susie Qcover and livePhish2:47
1996-12-06Susie Qcover and livePhish2:47
Green River / Suzie Qcover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival4:21
Susie QcoverSleepy LaBeef2:31
Susie QDale Hawkins?:??
Susie Q (part 1)cover and partialCreedence Clearwater Revival4:36
Susie QDale Hawkins?:??
Susie QliveJohn Fogerty3:44
Susie QcoverGene Vincent & The Shouts2:04
Susie Q (Warwick)coverCarl Perkins3:16
Susie QUnknown4:02
Susie QcoverWill Wilde4:58
Susie QinstrumentalRockabye Baby!4:05
Susie QcoverThe Everly Brothers1:56
Susie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Susie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival8:40
Susie Q (mono)coverThe Rolling Stones1:53
Susie Qcover and instrumentalPickin’ On Project3:20
Susie QDale Hawkins2:21
Susie Q (mono)coverThe Rolling Stones1:50
Susie QcoverThe Rolling Stones?:??
Susie QcoverMickey Gilley2:13
Susie QcoverFlash Cadillac4:36
Susie QcoverThe Everly Brothers1:55
Susie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival4:01
Susie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Susie Qcover and liveJohn Fogerty5:27
Susie Qcover and instrumentalThe Jordans2:41
Susie Qcover and liveBob Dylan?:??
Susie QcoverThe Barbarians1:50
Susie QcoverJosé Feliciano5:08
Susie QDale Hawkins2:22
Susie Q (mono version)coverThe Rolling Stones1:50
Susie QcoverStudio 994:18
Susie Q (alternate take)coverThe Rolling Stones1:53
Susie Q (Italian version)coverThe Everly Brothers2:00
Susie Q (live at the Fillmore, San Francisco; 3-14-69)cover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival11:45
Susie Q, Part 2cover and partialCreedence Clearwater Revival4:03
Susie Q.coverSweet Little Band?:??
Susie Q.cover and liveJohn Fogerty5:24
Susie-QcoverGene Vincent1:59
Susie-QJosé Feliciano5:05
Susie-QcoverChet Atkins2:17
Susie‐QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Susy Q, Part 2cover and partialCreedence Clearwater Revival3:48
Suzi QcoverSuzi Quatro1:17
Suzi Q.coverSuzi Quatro4:33
Suzie QCreedence Clearwater Revival8:33
Suzie QcoverJohn Fogerty5:12
Suzie QcoverThe Rolling Stones1:59
Suzie QcoverThe Rolling Stones1:54
Suzie QcoverBobby McFerrin2:51
Suzie QDale Hawkins2:18
Suzie QcoverLonnie Mack2:23
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival4:45
Suzie Qcover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival10:52
Suzie Qcover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Suzie QcoverJohnny Rivers4:09
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival8:37
Suzie QcoverJimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs2:39
Suzie QcoverFlash Cadillac3:13
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival10:14
Suzie QliveCreedence Clearwater Revisited?:??
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revisited10:11
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival8:35
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival8:34
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival8:35
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival?:??
Suzie QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival8:36
Suzie QcoverThe Rolling Stones1:47
Suzie Q (medley, part 2)cover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival1:41
Suzie Q (medley, part 2)coverCreedence Clearwater Revival1:31
Suzie Q, Part 2coverCreedence Clearwater Revival3:52
Suzie Q, Part 2coverCreedence Clearwater Revival3:59
Suzie Q, Part 2 (instrumental)cover, instrumental and partialCreedence Clearwater Revival4:01
Suzie-QDale Hawkins2:19
Suzie‐QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival8:35
Suzie‐QcoverCreedence Clearwater Revival11:43
Suzy QcoverThe Sugarman 34:16
Suzy Qcover and liveQuicksilver Messenger Service?:??
Suzy Qcover and liveCreedence Clearwater Revival9:50
Suzy Q (live, live, 1969-08-1x: Woodstock Festival, Max Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY, USA)coverCreedence Clearwater Revival9:49
Suzy Q, Part 2cover and partialCreedence Clearwater Revival4:06
Suzy Q, Part IIcover and partialCreedence Clearwater Revival4:02