lyricist:Damon Albarn
composer:Damon Albarn
Graham Coxon
Alex James (UK bassist for Blur/Fat Les)
Dave Rowntree
publisher:MCA Music Ltd.
Wixen Music UK Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q2565452 [info]


1991-04-12There's No Other Way (live, 1991-04-12: BBC Studios)liveBlur2:46
1994-10-07There’s No Other Way (live, 1994-10-07: Alexandra Palace, London, UK)liveBlur5:25
1997-11-28There’s No Other Way (live, 1997–11–28: The Point, Dublin, Ireland)liveBlur?:??
1997-12-11There's No Other Way (live, 1997-12-11: Brixton Academy, London, UK)liveBlur3:44
1999-12-11There's No Other Way (live, 1999-12-11: Wembley Arena, London, UK)liveBlur3:41
2009-07-02There’s No Other Way (live, 2009-07-02: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveBlur4:14
2009-07-03There’s No Other Way (live, 2009-07-03: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveBlur3:55
There's No Other WayBlur3:24
There's No Other WayBlur3:22
There's No Other WayliveBlur?:??
There's No Other Way (live, 1996-06-22: RDS Showgrounds, Dublin, Ireland)liveBlur?:??
There's No Other WayliveBlur5:21
There's No Other WayBlur3:40
There's No Other WaycoverBratmobile1:02
There's No Other WaycoverBratmobile0:57
There's No Other Way (live, 1990-11-11: University of London Union, London, UK)liveBlur3:22
There's No Other Way (live, 1994-11-12: The Factory, Milan, Italy)liveBlur?:??
There's No Other Way (live, 1996-02-11: Avalon, Boston, MA, USA)liveBlur?:??
There's No Other Way (Blur remix)Blur5:04
There's No Other Way (Colchester East Anglian Railway Museum 2009)liveBlur?:??
There's No Other Way (edit)Blur?:??
There's No Other Way (excerpt)partialBlur0:34
There's No Other Way (extended version)Blur4:05
There's No Other Way (live)liveBlur4:00
There's No Other Way / No You Don'tcoverBratmobile2:25
There’s No Other Waycover and instrumentalRockabye Baby!2:30
There’s No Other WayBlur3:13
There’s No Other WayBlur3:13
There’s No Other Way (live in Kilburn)liveBlur?:??
There’s No Other Way (live at the Princess Charlotte)liveBlur?:??
There’s No Other WayBlur?:??
There’s No Other Way (single version)Blur3:14
There’s No Other WayBlur3:24
There’s No Other WayBlur3:20
There’s No Other WayBlur2:35
There’s No Other Way (part of "Grandmaster Anthems" DJ mix)Blur?:??
There’s No Other WayBlur3:14
There’s No Other Way (Aggressive Move mix)Blur5:39
There’s No Other Way (Blur remix)Blur4:57
There’s No Other Way (extended version)Blur4:04
There’s No Other Way (extended version)Blur3:59
There’s No Other Way (Move mix)Blur5:04
There’s No Other Way (The Blur remix)Blur?:??