writer:John Lennon (The Beatles)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
publisher:Northern Songs
Northern Songs Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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referred to in medleys:The Music of The Beatles (order: 7)
later parody versions:Norwegian Jim
later translated versions:Alles war Holz
Lain norvegin (Norwegian Wood)
Norjan puu
Norwegiae lignum
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Punjabi)
arrangements:Norwegian Wood


1965-10-12Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (take 1)The Beatles1:59
1965-10-21Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (original stereo studio mix)The Beatles2:05
1965-10-21Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (1987 remix)The Beatles2:05
1965-10-21Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (original mono studio mix)The Beatles2:05
1966-06-01 – 1966-06-03Norwegian Wood (stereo)coverPaul Horn Quintet3:42
1967-06-03Norwegian Wood (mono)cover and instrumentalHerbie Mann11:06
1968-01Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)coverThe Hour Glass3:01
1968Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalVolker Kriegel2:20
1968Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)coverMoe Koffman2:43
1974-03-01 – 1974-03-03Norwegian WoodcoverCharlie Byrd6:16
1977Norwegian Woodcover, instrumental and liveBuddy Rich & His Orchestra?:??
1982-03Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalDie 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker2:49
1986-06-06Bad (live: 1986-06-06: The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)cover, live and partialU29:41
1988-10-29 – 1988-10-30Norwegian WoodcoverEuropean Jazz Trio3:58
1992-06-15Bad / Norwegian Wood / You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)cover, live and medleyU26:22
1992-06-15Norwegian Wood / You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (live, 1992-06-15: Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands)cover, live and medleyU20:33
1993-10-19 – 1993-10-21Norwegian Woodcover, instrumental and liveTommy Körberg & Tolvan Big Band4:02
1995Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)coverHerbie Hancock8:07
1996-08 – 1997-01Norwegian WoodcoverRick Wakeman5:51
1997-09-23 – 1997-09-24Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalDavid Hillyard and the Rocksteady 76:04
1999-04-20 – 1999-04-21Norwegian WoodcoverJohannes Enders7:46
2000-01-15 – 2000-01-16Norwegian WoodUlli Bögershausen1:38
2002-02-23 – 2002-02-25Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalScenario, Simone Santini, Alberto Marsico, Enzo Zirilli?:??
2002Norwegian WoodcoverThe Swingle Singers3:34
2003-05-19 – 2003-05-21Norvegian WoodStefano Bollani2:34
2004Norwegian Dubcover and liveDavid Hillyard and the Rocksteady 78:55
2006-01-05 – 2006-01-06Norwegian WoodcoverGiovanni Guidi Trio3:28
2009-10-05 – 2009-10-06Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalJohn Di Martino's Romantic Jazz Trio4:13
2010-04-01Norwegian Wood (live, 2010-04-01: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK)cover, instrumental and liveTangerine Dream5:30
2011-11Norwegian WoodcoverBig Yellow Taxi4:38
2020-01-26Norwegian Psy/Efil Eht Ni Yad AcoverPoeta Negro6:39
And I Love Her - Norwegian Woodcover, instrumental and medleyNonato Luiz5:31
Erin Shore / Norwegian WoodcoverWild Mercy2:43
Mission: Impossible Theme / Norwegian Woodcover and medleyAlan Copeland2:58
Norigian Woodscover and instrumentalDiscovery Light Orchestra3:43
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalThe Dreamsound Orchestra2:03
Norwegian WoodcoverThe Performers2:19
Norwegian WoodcoverP.M. Dawn3:15
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalIiro Rantala5:16
Norwegian WoodcoverThe London Jazz Four2:45
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalDavid Qualey3:09
Norwegian WoodcoverCoreyah3:45
Norwegian WoodcoverHugo Montenegro3:36
Norwegian WoodcoverNeri per caso2:08
Norwegian WoodThe Beatles2:08
Norwegian WoodcoverHenry McCullough & Denny Seiwell?:??
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalHappy Baby2:39
Norwegian WoodcoverMEEKS2:58
Norwegian Woodinstrumental[unknown]2:03
Norwegian WoodcoverPaul Vincent3:55
Norwegian WoodinstrumentalThe Moonlight Orchestra2:21
Norwegian WoodcoverPaul Lamb3:40
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalWadim Brodski2:21
Norwegian WoodcoverThe Roy Meriwether Trio3:54
Norwegian Woodcover[unknown]2:03
Norwegian WoodcoverCéline Rudolph3:15
Norwegian WoodcoverGiacomo Bondi3:45
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalThe London Unity Orchestra2:47
Norwegian WoodcoverYawar?:??
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalThe Starsound Orchestra2:04
Norwegian WoodcoverJoe Gilman4:19
Norwegian WoodcoverWayne Armond3:34
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalGiovanni Marradi3:49
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalRon Escheté3:16
Norwegian WoodcoverHugo Montenegro3:37
Norwegian Wood (karaoke)The Beatles2:07
Norwegian WoodThe Beatles1:48
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalGünter Noris2:16
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalJason Myers2:16
Norwegian WoodcoverCobody4:18
Norwegian WoodcoverPaul Lamb3:41
Norwegian WoodcoverJeremy Messersmith & Zach Coulter5:33
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalThe Mersey Symphonia Perform2:21
Norwegian WoodThe Beatles2:05
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalJulio Kladniew2:40
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalLos De La Flaute2:21
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalChantal5:18
Norwegian WoodcoverApple Pies3:47
Norwegian WoodcoverJosé Miguel Tobar2:12
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalLondon String Orchestra2:25
Norwegian WoodcoverDeclan Zimmerman2:35
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalRRSO Symphony Orchestra2:43
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalLes Boréades de Montréal2:02
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalEnoch Light2:51
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalImaginary Sound Project2:50
Norwegian WoodThe Beatles?:??
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalKit Walker5:49
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalJames Last3:35
Norwegian WoodcoverDJ Deep1:48
Norwegian WoodcoverProducciones Horizonte?:??
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalKit Walker5:49
Norwegian WoodAllen Creek Coal Co.2:46
Norwegian Woodcover, instrumental and liveThe Buddy Rich Big Band3:11
Norwegian WoodlivePeter Frampton2:54
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalPickin’ On Project2:13
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalChantal2:15
Norwegian Woodcover and instrumentalDavid Arnold4:05
Norwegian Wood (stereo/mock stereo; date unknown)The Beatles2:01
Norwegian WoodcoverThe Andersons!4:50
Norwegian WoodcoverCheryl Porter1:47
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