Sleeping Bag

~ Song


writer: Frank Beard
Billy Gibbons
Dusty Hill
publisher: Music of Stage Three
Songs of Mosaic
Hamstein Music Company (1985)


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1986-02-14 Sleeping Bag (live, 1986-02-14: Hilton Colosseum, Ames, IA, USA) live ZZ Top ?:??
1990-12-01 Sleeping Bag (live, 1990-12-01: Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, USA) live ZZ Top 4:18
1991-01-18 Sleeping Bag (live, 1991-01-18: Hartford Boogie: Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA) live ZZ Top 4:19
Sleeping Bag ZZ Top 4:05
Sleeping Bag ZZ Top 3:54
Sleeping Bag (live, USA) live ZZ Top 4:09
Sleeping Bag cover and instrumental Pickin' On Project 4:05
Sleeping Bag (1997 re-recording & remastering) ZZ Top 4:03
Sleeping Bag ZZ Top ?:??