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writer: Fred Rose
Hank Williams (country music legend)
Wikidata: Q11980449 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1952-08 Kaw-Liga Hank Williams 2:56
Disc Jockey's Delight, Volume 2 vs. Kaw-Liga (Prairie mix) cover, medley and partial 2 Many DJ’s 2:31
Kaw-Liga Daniel O’Donnell 3:18
Kaw-Liga Rusty & Doug Kershaw 2:17
Kaw-Liga Roy Clark & Joe Pass 5:09
Kaw-Liga Roy Orbison 3:00
Kaw-Liga Roy Acuff ?:??
Kaw-Liga cover Coming Soon 3:36
Kaw-Liga cover and instrumental Roy Clark & Joe Pass 5:07
Kaw-Liga cover Frank Ifield ?:??
Kaw-Liga Hank Williams 2:34
Kaw-Liga cover Carl Perkins 2:25
Kaw‐Liga Hank Williams 2:36
Kaw‐Liga cover Patrick Norman 3:04
Kaw‐Liga cover Del Shannon 3:09
Kaw‐Liga cover The Residents 4:20