writer:Fred Rose (songwriter)
Hank Williams (country music legend)
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Wikidata:Q11980449 [info]


1952-08Kaw-LigaHank Williams2:56
1969Kaw-LigaCharley Pride3:14
1978-10-26Kaw Liga (live, 1978-10-26: My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY)cover and liveCarl Perkins3:37
1986-10-05Kaw Liga / Discomo (live, 1986-10-05: Den Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway)cover, live and medleyThe Residents feat. Snakefinger?:??
1986-10-05Kaw-Liga (live, 1986-10-05: Den Norske Opera, Oslo, Norway)cover and liveThe Residents3:55
1986Kaw-Live-Gacover and liveThe Residents2:39
Disc Jockey’s Delight, Volume 2 vs. Kaw-Liga (Prairie mix) (Frank Delour vs. The Residents)cover, medley and partial2manydjs2:31
Kaw LigacoverDon McLean2:56
Kaw LigacoverDel Shannon3:08
Kaw LigaThe Kentucky Gentlemen?:??
Kaw Liga (Horror mix)coverThe Residents2:06
Kaw Liga (Orig. version)coverThe Residents4:53
Kaw Liga (Prairie mix)coverThe Residents9:28
Kaw-LigaHank Williams2:34
Kaw-LigacoverBob Mattice and The Phaetons2:30
Kaw-LigacoverMarty Robbins2:26
Kaw-LigaHank Williams2:35
Kaw-LigaHank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys2:34
Kaw-LigacoverLoretta Lynn2:45
Kaw-LigacoverConway Twitty2:32
Kaw-LigacoverRoy Orbison3:00
Kaw-LigacoverRoy Acuff?:??
Kaw-LigacoverDon Gibson2:35
Kaw-LigacoverThe Residents4:52
Kaw-LigaHank Williams2:36
Kaw-LigaMel Tillis2:22
Kaw-LigaHank Williams1:30
Kaw-LigaRoy Orbison3:00
Kaw-LigaRoy Orbison3:00
Kaw-LigacoverCarl Perkins2:26
Kaw-LigacoverThe Residents4:54
Kaw-LigaMarty Robbins2:29
Kaw-LigaDaniel O’Donnell3:18
Kaw-LigaRusty & Doug Kershaw2:12
Kaw-LigaRoy Clark & Joe Pass5:09
Kaw-LigacoverDel Shannon3:09
Kaw-LigacoverComing Soon3:36
Kaw-Ligacover and instrumentalRoy Clark & Joe Pass5:06
Kaw-LigacoverFrank Ifield?:??
Kaw-Liga (Horror mix)coverThe Residents?:??
Kaw-Liga (Horror mix)coverThe Residents2:11
Kaw-Liga (Horror mix)coverThe Residents2:07
Kaw-Liga (Housey mix)coverThe Residents5:18
Kaw-Liga (Nightmare mix)coverThe Residents5:05
Kaw-Liga (original mix)coverThe Residents?:??
Kaw-Liga (original version)coverThe Residents4:56
Kaw-Liga (Prairie mix)coverThe Residents?:??
Kaw-Liga (Prairiemix)coverThe Residents9:35
Kaw-Liga (single mix)coverThe Residents3:14
Kaw-Liga (single version)coverThe Residents3:16
Kaw-Liga (Stripped mix)coverThe Residents5:24
Kaw-Liga RMXcoverThe Residents3:33
Kaw-Liga-PrairiemixcoverThe Residents9:31
Kaw‐LigacoverPatrick Norman3:04
Kaw‐LigaHank Williams2:36
Kaw‐LigacoverThe Residents4:20
Kawa LigacoverCarl Perkins3:27
Poor Kaw-Liga’s PaincoverThe Residents5:30