Fuck You

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writer: Brody Brown
CeeLo Green
Philip Lawrence (urban songwriter/producer, of The Smeezingtons)
Ari Levine
Bruno Mars
part of: Matuschkes Lieblinge 2010
SecondHandSongs: http://www.secondhandsongs.com/work/118546 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Fuck You (CeeLo Green song) [info]
lyrics page: http://lyrics.wikia.com/Cee-Lo:Fuck_You [info]
later versions: Forget You


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
F*ck You (dirty) Cee-Lo Green feat. Stacy Mier 4:50
Forget You cover Camilla and The Chickens 2:29
Fuck You Cee Lo Green 3:43
Fuck You CeeLo Green 3:43
Fuck You cover Sleeping With Sirens 3:33
Fuck You (instrumental) Cee‐Lo Green 3:42