composer: Thomas Arne
lyricist: James Thomson
Wikidata: Q215729 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Rule, Britannia! [info]
arrangements: Fantasia on British Sea Songs: IX. Rule, Britannia!
is the basis for: Variations On "Rule Britannia" (for solo instrument and band)
later versions: Blue Max (C64 Game)
orchestrations: Rule, Britannia! (orchestrated by Sargent)
part of: Alfred


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1961-09-16 Announcement and "Rule, Brittania!" Encore live Constance Shacklock, Roy Williamson, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Malcolm Sargent 2:06
1961-09-16 Rule, Brittania! live Constance Shacklock, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Malcolm Sargent 5:10
1963 Crimean War 1853-1856: Marche slave / Scotland the Brave / Rule Britannia Thomas Arne 5:24
1970-10-12 Rule, Britannia! New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein 0:51
1996-01 Rule Britannia! Della Jones, Royal Choral Society, BBC Concert Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth 4:48
A Night at the Opera medley Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Louis Clark 6:06
A Night at the Opera medley Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Louis Clark 6:09
Alfred: Act III. Ode "When Britain first at heav'ns command" / "Rule Brittania" (Alfred, Eltruda, Chorus) Jamie MacDougall, Jennifer Smith, Philharmonia Chorale 3:36
Alfred: Rule Britannia Anne Collins, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Groves 6:02
Rule Britannia London Philharmonic Orchestra 4:25
Rule Britannia The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 4:44
Rule Britannia Elizabeth Bainbridge, Royal Choral Society, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir Arthur Bliss 3:36
Rule Britannia Thomas Arne 3:37
Rule Britannia Thomas Arne 1:05
Rule Britannia The Band of H.M. Royal Marines 3:12
Rule Britannia Sarah Walker, London Philharmonic Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Roger Norrington 4:29
Rule Britannia Thomas Arne 3:54
Rule Britannia Thomas Arne 3:44
Rule Britannia Band of HM Royal Marines 2:03
Rule Britannia H.M. Royal Marines 2:03
Rule Britannia London Symphony Orchestra 2:35
Rule Britannia (Arne) Thomas Arne 4:50
Rule Brittania Band of HM Royal Marines 3:12
Rule, Britannia Sarah Walker, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Groves 5:07
Rule, Britannia! Norma Procter 4:31
Rule, Britannia! Thomas Arne 4:29
Rule, Britannia! [unknown] 4:47
Rule, Britannia! Bryn Terfel 4:26
Rule, Britannia! Thomas Arne 5:08
Rule, Britannia! Norma Procter, Royal Choral Society, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Andrew Davis 4:30
Rule, Britannia! Thomas Arne 5:12
Rule, Britannia! Thomas Arne 4:25
Rule, Britannia! English String Orchestra, William Boughton, John Miller, John Wallace, Edward Barham 5:08
The British Grenadiers / Lilliburlero / Highland Laddie / Men of Harlech / Rule Britannia instrumental and medley The Band of the Royal Corps of Transport ?:??