This song was famously copied from Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” “Weird Al” Yankovic referenced the plagiarism in his parody “Perform This Way.”

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writer:Lady Gaga
Jeppe Laursen
publisher:Garibay Music Publishing
GloJoe Music Inc.
House of Gaga Publishing Inc.
Korsbaek Publishing
Sony/ATV Songs LLC
Warner–Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
SecondHandSongs: [info]
Wikidata:Q189002 [info]
later parody versions:Perform This Way


2011-06Born This Way (live, 2011-06: Izod Center, East Rutherford, USA)cover and liveGlee Cast3:59
2012-11-19 – 2012-11-20Express Yourself (live, MDNA World Tour)live and partialMadonna4:06
Born This WayLady Gaga3:50
Born This WaycoverJewel4:07
Born This WaycoverKidz Bop3:25
Born This WaycoverPeter Hollens2:40
Born This Way (Starsmith remix)Lady Gaga6:44
Born This WayLady Gaga4:21
Born This WaycoverThe Cat’s Pajamas2:31
Born This WaycoverWe Are Cecile?:??
Born This Waycover and livePaul Turner4:06
Born This WaycoverPeter Hollens2:40
Born This Waycover and liveThe Baseballs?:??
Born This Way (live)cover and liveThe Baseballs10:15
Born This WaycoverThe Baseballs3:33
Born This WaycoverThe Baseballs4:09
Born This WaycoverSweet Little Band?:??
Born This WaycoverAlex Goot3:26
Born This Waycover and instrumental8-Bit Misfits3:37
Born This WaycoverTyler Ward feat. Alex G3:00
Born This WaycoverJake Coco3:25
Born This Way (live: Germany)cover and liveThe Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain4:29
Born This WaycoverSam Tsui3:54
Born This WaycoverGlee Cast4:07
Born This WaycoverKajiwara3:05
Born This WaycoverKarmin3:40
Born This WaycoverMegan Nicole feat. Alyssa Bernal4:03
Born This WaycoverDiandra3:51
Born This WayLady Gaga?:??
Born This Way (live at Madison Square Garden)liveLady Gaga?:??
Born This WayLady Gaga3:43
Born This WayLady Gaga3:30
Born This WayLady Gaga7:19
Born This WaycoverLeo Moracchioli4:48
Born This Way (a cappella) (live at Madison Square Garden)liveLady Gaga?:??
Born This Way (Bimbo Jones club remix)Lady Gaga6:46
Born This Way (Bimbo Jones radio remix)Lady Gaga3:27
Born This Way (Bimbo Jones radio remix) (part of “MoS: Remix Heaven 2011” DJ-mix)Lady Gaga3:23
Born This Way (Chew Fu Born to Fix remix)Lady Gaga5:53
Born This Way (Dada Life remix)Lady Gaga5:16
Born This Way (DJ White Shadow remix)Lady Gaga4:24
Born This Way (Grum remix)Lady Gaga5:48
Born This Way (Jost & Naaf remix)Lady Gaga5:59
Born This Way (LA Riots remix)Lady Gaga6:33
Born This Way (LA Riots remix) (Italy edit)Lady Gaga4:40
Born This Way (LLG vs GLG radio mix)Lady Gaga3:50
Born This Way (Manhattan Clique radio edit)Lady Gaga3:37
Born This Way (Michael Woods remix)Lady Gaga6:24
Born This Way (Nordic cover version)coverCafé Lounge4:06
Born This Way (radio edit version)partialLady Gaga3:40
Born This Way (split screen acoustic version)coverThe Baseballs?:??
Born This Way (The Country Road version)Lady Gaga4:21
Born This Way (The Country Road version)coverOrville Peck4:18
Born This Way (Twin Shadow remix)Lady Gaga4:05
Born This Way (Zedd remix)Lady Gaga6:31
Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’coverWalt Ribeiro3:56
Lady Gaga MedleymedleyBOND3:54
Medley: Sympathy for the Devil / Born This Waycover and medleyDartmouth College Aires2:18