composer: Rivers Cuomo (US singer, guitarist & songwriter of Weezer)
lyricist: Rivers Cuomo (US singer, guitarist & songwriter of Weezer)
Wikidata: Q3329031 [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1994-09-09 Tire of Sex (live, 1994-09-09: 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA) live Weezer ?:??
1994-09-09 Tired of Sex (live, 1994-09-09: First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, United States) live Weezer 2:41
1996-11-25 Tired of Sex (live, 1996-11-25: Rochester, NY, USA) live Weezer ?:??
2000-09-01 Tired of Sex (live, 2000-09-01: Runwayz, Buffalo, NY, USA) live Weezer ?:??
2002-03-24 Tired of Sex (live, 2002-03-24: Brixton Academy, London, UK) live Weezer ?:??
2011-01-21 Tired of Sex (live, 2011-01-21: The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA) live Weezer 3:37
2012-01-20 Tired of Sex (live, 2012-01-20: Palladium Lounge) live Weezer ?:??
2012-01-21 Tired of Sex (live, 2012-01-21: Palladium Lounge) live Weezer ?:??
Tired of Sex (live, 2001-06-16: Hultsfred, Sweden) Weezer ?:??
Tired of Sex Weezer 2:54
Tired of Sex cover Mycomplex 2:52
Tired of Sex (live) cover, live and partial Deftones 1:22
Tired of Sex cover Latterday Saints 3:00
Tired of Sex (live, 2002-02-17: Albany, NY, USA) live Weezer ?:??
Tired of Sex cover and instrumental Vitamin String Quartet 2:56
Tired of Sex cover (T-T)b 2:58
Tired of Sex Weezer 3:01
Tired of Sex (live, 2002-03-20: Barrowlands, Glasgow, UK) live Weezer 3:18
Tired of Sex cover Ray Toro 3:03
Tired of Sex (tracking rough) Weezer 2:59