Winter Wrap Up (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, “Winter Wrap Up”)

~ Song


lyricist:Cindy Morrow
composer:Daniel Ingram (television composer)
fan pages: [info]
later versions:Twilight Sparkle’s Ice World
part of:My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010-2019 TV soundtrack)
is the basis for:5
True True Friend Winter Wrap‐Up
Winter Wrap Up (Late Again)
yuki frolic!!
music quoted in:Applejack’s Theme (My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic)


2012-06-29Winter Wrap Up (live, 2012-06-29: Pre-Bronycon Concert, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA)cover and livePoni1Kenobi, Tarby, Bronymike, Forest Rain3:00
Brony Appreciation Medleycover and medleyNRGFORCE3:26
Instrumental Medleycover, instrumental and medleyNRGFORCE3:38
Rosalina’s Ice World ~Winter Wrap Up Remix~cover and medleyKingSpartaX37?:??
Rosalina’s Ice World ~Winter Wrap Up Remix~ (Final Lap)cover and medleyKingSpartaX37?:??
Winter Wrap UpcoverAll Levels at Once3:10
Winter Wrap Up (album version)Daniel Ingram3:24
Winter Wrap UpcoverAndrew Stein3:25
Winter Wrap Up (TV version, no reprise)Daniel Ingram3:18
Winter Wrap UpcoverNeonBrony3:48
Winter Wrap Up (8‐Bit)cover and instrumentalRainbowCrash883:17
Winter Wrap Up (Aftermath Remix)Daniel Ingram5:06
Winter Wrap Up (Aviators remix)Daniel Ingram4:08
Winter Wrap Up (DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot extended remix)coverDJ Amaya vs. Groovebot5:38
Winter Wrap Up (DJ Amaya vs. Groovebot extended remix) (mix 2)Daniel Ingram5:38
Winter Wrap Up (Euro Spring mix)cover and instrumentalEurobeat Brony4:58
Winter Wrap Up (Exalted remix)Foozogz vs Eurobeat Brony4:03
Winter Wrap Up (Feint remix)Daniel Ingram3:47
Winter Wrap Up (General Mumble remix)General Mumble3:33
Winter Wrap Up (instrumental)karaokeDaniel Ingram3:18
Winter Wrap Up (KORG DS‐10)coverPsychog133:19
Winter Wrap Up (reprise) (TV version, instrumental reprise)Daniel Ingram2:15
Winter Wrap Up (reprise) (TV version, instrumental reprise)karaokeDaniel Ingram2:15
Winter Wrap Up (Rock Cover)coveryouman19964:13
Winter Wrap Up (The Living Tombstone’s Remix)The Living Tombstone6:05
Winter Wrap Up (vocals)Daniel Ingram3:17
Winter Wrap Up Instrumentalcover and karaokeDavidLarsenM12:19
Winter Wrap Up Zone (16 Bit Remix)cover and instrumentalInfinityDash3:18
Winter Wrap‐Up (club remix)coverDJ Amaya?:??