lyricist and composer:Kurt Cobain
publisher:EMI Virgin Music Ltd. (do not use this as a release label!)
The End of Music


1987-03Hairspray Queen (First Concert, March 1987)Nirvana4:52
1987-04-17Hairspray Queen (KAOS FM Radio) (live, 1987-04-17: KAOS FM live in concert radio broadcast)liveNirvana4:33
1987-04Hairspray Queen (KAOS FM, 1987-04)Nirvana4:47
1987-05-06Hairspray Queen (live, 1987-05-06: KAOS Olympia Community Radio, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA)liveNirvana5:04
1987-06-05Hairspray Queen (live, 1987-06-05: KAOS Community Radio, Olympia, WA, USA)liveNirvana4:31
1988-01-23Hairspray Queen (studio, 1988-01-23: Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, WA, USA)Nirvana4:08
1988-01-23Hairspray Queen (studio, 1988-01-23: Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, WA, USA)Nirvana4:27
1988-12-28Hairspray Queen (live, 1988-12-28: Hollywood Underground, Seattle, WA, USA)liveNirvana5:38
1993-01-23Hairspray Queen (live, 1993-01-23: Live at the Hollywood Rock Festival: Praça da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)liveNirvana3:57
Episode 46 - Hairspray Queen / [Butch Vig: Kurt's Mood Swings] / Scentless ApprenticeNirvana?:??
Hairpsray Queen (Kaos Radio) (Remastered Radio Recording)liveNirvana4:31
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:28
Hairspray Queen (live, 1992-02-07: Selina's, The Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney, Australia)Nirvana?:??
Hairspray QueencoverTedEdFred4:55
Hairspray Queen (live, 1987-03-07: 17 Nussbaum Road, Raymond, WA, USA)coverSkid Row5:55
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:05
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:52
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:57
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:57
Hairspray Queen (live, 1993-12-31: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA, USA)Nirvana5:47
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:57
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:15
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:27
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:15
Hairspray QueenNirvana?:??
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:14
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:58
Hairspray Queen (live, 1987-04-17: KAOS Olympia Community Radio, Olympia, WA, USA)Nirvana5:56
Hairspray Queen (live, 1987-04-17: KAOS Olympia Community Radio, Olympia, WA, USA)Nirvana4:55
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:26
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:14
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:14
Hairspray Queen (radio broadcast)Nirvana4:31
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:47
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:32
Hairspray QueenliveNirvana?:??
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:51
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:10
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:23
Hairspray Queen (live, 1990-05-13: Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE, USA)Nirvana4:06
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:53
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:57
Hairspray QueenNirvana5:37
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:08
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:39
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:16
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:16
Hairspray QueenNirvana3:38
Hairspray QueenNirvana?:??
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:20
Hairspray QueenNirvana2:03
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:05
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:05
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:10
Hairspray QueenNirvana4:02
Hairspray Queen (demo)Nirvana4:18
Hairspray Queen (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)Nirvana4:59
Hairspray Queen (Live)liveNirvana4:46
Hairspray Queen (Skid Row demo)Nirvana4:45
Hairspring QueenNirvana4:13