lyricist and composer:[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist)
download score for free:imslp: Scarborough Fair (Folk Songs, English) [info]
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Wikidata:Q1053575 [info]
referred to in medleys:English Heritage Medley (order: 28)
later translated versions:Duerme… (Canción de cuna)
Ffair Ynys Hir
Romeiro ao lonxe (Scarborough Fair)
Зверобой, ромашка и хмель
later versions:Garten Eden
Scarborough Fair (Nox Arcana version)
Scarborough Fair / Canticle
The Elven Lover
version of:The Elfin Knight (aka Scarborough Fair / Whittingham Fair / Rosemary Lane; title is easily confused with Child #4, check lyrics)
is the basis for:失業生
arrangements:Scarborough Fair (for violin and orchestra, arr. Lenehan & Kennedy)
Scarborough Fair (for choir and jazz trio, Chilcott)


1969-06-26Scarborough FairinstrumentalRay Bryant3:41
1970Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalCertain Lions & Tigers2:42
1989-08-19 – 1989-08-20Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalChris Hunter8:07
1995Scarborough FairinstrumentalHerbie Hancock8:24
1996Scarborough FairAngelo Branduardi3:03
2002-11Scarborough FairJoo Kraus6:04
2005Scarbourough FairliveSvanholm Singers, Sofia Söderberg Eberhard4:06
2006Scarborough FairChris Kase5:35
2015-04Scarborough FairliveHayward and Parsons3:33
2019-09-07Scarborough FairinstrumentalPlinio Fernandes, Sheku Kanneh-Mason3:14
England (The Medieval Era)instrumentalGeoff Knorr4:09
Liên khúc 2cover, instrumental and medleyTrúc Hồ8:18
Scarborough FairinstrumentalBrighouse and Rastrick Band4:53
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalKlaus Doldinger5:55
Scarborough FairThe Matt Wates Sextet?:??
Scarborough FairinstrumentalCory Band4:29
Scarborough FairinstrumentalAdrian Kerr2:56
Scarborough FaircoverJulie Elven3:20
Scarborough Faircover and instrumentalCraig Ogden2:46
Scarborough Faircover and instrumental[unknown]2:43
Scarborough Fairinstrumental[unknown]2:36
Scarborough FairEmma Johnson4:01
Scarborough FairEuroboys3:58
Scarborough FairThe King’s Singers4:18
Scarborough FairThe King’s Singers, Gordon Langford Trio3:27
Scarborough FairinstrumentalJoaquim Sanchez & Pipes of the Enamorates3:02
Scarborough FairMy Dying Bride6:20
Scarborough FairThe Imagined Village6:50
Scarborough Faircover山田タマル2:32
Scarborough FairNana Mouskouri3:07
Scarborough FairNana Mouskouri3:11
Scarborough FairThe King’s Singers3:16
Scarborough FairBryn Terfel with Kate Royal3:49
Scarborough FaircoverChristine Carty?:??
Scarborough FairNolwenn Leroy3:57
Scarborough FaircoverThe Johnny Mann Singers2:46
Scarborough FairSunbury Divas2:38
Scarborough FairinstrumentalFred Benedetti & Peter Pupping2:36
Scarborough FairinstrumentalAdrian Brett & Brian Rogers2:32
Scarborough FairKenneth McKellar3:31
Scarborough FairinstrumentalFerrante and Teicher3:12
Scarborough FairMarshall & Alexander3:40
Scarborough FairinstrumentalIn Tune3:22
Scarborough FairAnother Fine Day5:46
Scarborough FairMattias von Wachenfeldt1:50
Scarborough FairMike Austin Band3:41
Scarborough FairWood Wilson Carthy4:12
Scarborough FairThe Scoville Units4:41
Scarborough FairinstrumentalAnthony Ventura and His Orchestra2:52
Scarborough FairWiener Sängerknaben, Peter Marschik2:24
Scarborough FairMystica5:00
Scarborough FairinstrumentalJames Last3:25
Scarborough FairinstrumentalJoshua Messick2:47
Scarborough FairLaura Light, George Paul and friends4:56
Scarborough FairinstrumentalKaare Norge2:37
Scarborough Fair (arr.: Harry Sacksioni)coverHarry Sacksioni2:21
Scarborough Fair (feat. soprano: Noa Dori)Νότης Μαυρουδής & Παναγιώτης Μάργαρης3:40
Scarborough Fair (String reprise)The Imagined Village6:50
Scarborough Fair / CanticleNana Mouskouri3:09
Scarborough Fair 1coverDie Singphoniker feat. Ulrich Herkenhoff1:32
Scarborough Fair 2coverDie Singphoniker feat. Ulrich Herkenhoff3:38
Scarborough Fair Live at SuperDeluxeMoe and ghosts3:52
Scarborough Faire (The Elfin Knight)Joel Frederiksen4:03
Scarborough Fiarcover and instrumentalSilver, Wood & Ivory3:33