writer:Topper Headon
Mick Jones (The Clash/Big Audio Dynamite)
Paul Simonon
Joe Strummer


1977-05-08Career Opportunities (live, 1977-05-08: Electric Circus, Manchester, UK)liveThe Clash2:22
1979-09-21Career Opportunities (live, 1979-09-21: The Palladium, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Clash1:50
1982-06-22Career Opportunities (live, 1982-06-22: Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USA)liveThe Clash?:??
1982-10-13Career Opportunities (live, 1982-10-13: Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY)liveThe Clash2:06
1998-12-23Career Opportunities (live, 1998-12-23)cover and liveChumbawamba2:31
2003-02-22Career Opportunities (live, 2003-02-22: Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden)cover and liveEbba Grön & Mick Jones?:??
2004-12-29Career Opportunities (live, 2004-12-29: Joe Strummer Memorial Night: Klubi, Tampere, Finland)cover and liveControl feat. Pepe Lempinen2:05
Career OpportunitiescoverStigmata1:58
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:59
Career OpportunitiesliveThe Clash2:14
Career OpportunitiescoverOi-SKALL Mates2:17
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:53
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash2:01
Career Opportunities (Sandinista! version)The Clash2:30
Career OpportunitiesliveThe Clash1:40
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:58
Career OpportunitiesliveThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash2:19
Career OpportunitiescoverMy Red Cell1:49
Career OpportunitiescoverThee Mighty Caesars1:54
Career OpportunitiescoverThee Mighty Caesars1:53
Career OpportunitiescoverFlema1:58
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:56
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:51
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesliveThe Clash?:??
Career OpportunitiesliveThe Clash2:04
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:40
Career OpportunitiescoverValkyrians1:55
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash2:00
Career OpportunitiesliveThe Clash1:50
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:52
Career OpportunitiesliveThe Clash3:47
Career OpportunitiesThe Clash1:52
Career Opportunities (demo)The Clash1:58
Career Opportunities (demo)The Clash1:51
Career Opportunities (live)cover and liveDropkick Murphys1:53
Career Opportunities (Mickey Foote demos Jan 1977)The Clash2:30
Career Opportunities (Polydor demos Nov 1976)The Clash2:00
Career Opportunities (Polydor demos)The Clash1:53
Career Opportunities (recorded at Shea Stadium, October 1982)The Clash2:00
Career Opportunities (Shea Stadium ’82)liveThe Clash1:57
Career Opportunities (take 1)The Clash?:??
The Punks of 76 Medleycover and medleyThe Friendly Hopeful's3:47