lyricist and composer:Carolyn Franklin
publisher:Cotillion Music Inc. (BMI)
Fourteenth Hour Music, Inc.
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Wikidata:Q2071065 [info]


1967-12-19 – 1967-12-20Ain’t No WayAretha Franklin4:13
1969-02-12 – 1969-02-13Ain't No WaycoverHank Crawford3:57
1985-04-04Ain’t No Way (live, 1985-04-04: Park West, Chicago, IL, USA)liveAretha Franklin5:26
1999-04-13Ain’t No Way (live, 1999-04-13: Beacon Theatre, New York, United States)cover and liveWhitney Houston feat. Mary J Blige?:??
1999-04-13Ain’t No Way (live, 1999-04-13: Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveWhitney Houston & Mary J. Blige5:53
2002 – 2003Ain’t No WayAretha Franklin4:38
2011-06Ain't No Way (live, 2011-06: Izod Center, East Rutherford, USA)cover and liveGlee Cast3:09
2012-06-21Ain’t No Way (acoustic) (live, 2012-06-21: RTL2 Pop Rock Station by Zégut)cover and liveBeth Hart4:36
Ain't No WaycoverPatti LaBelle feat. Mary J. Blige4:27
Ain't No WaycoverGlee Cast3:50
Ain't No Waycover and liveAmy Banks4:54
Ain't No WaycoverKenny Lattimore5:07
Ain’t No WaycoverAaron Neville5:02
Ain’t No WaycoverBeth Hart & Joe Bonamassa6:48
Ain’t No Way (mono single version)Aretha Franklin4:12
Ain’t No Way (The Voice Performance)cover and liveHannah Huston3:27