lyricist:Nancy Hamilton (in 1940)
composer:Morgan Lewis (in 1940)
publisher:Chappell (company that specialized in library and production music)
Chappell & Co.
Chappell & Co., Inc.
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label)
ワーナー・チャペル音楽出版 Synch事業部
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Wikidata:Q1631676 [info]
later translated versions:'n Egoïst


1940-02-07How High the MoonHelen Forrest with Artie Shaw and His Orchestra2:59
1943-08-13How High the MoonTeddy Wilson Quartet4:15
1943-08-13How High the MooninstrumentalTeddy Wilson4:24
1944-05-02How High the MooninstrumentalEddie Heywood and His Orchestra3:54
1945-01-25How High the Moon (1945-01-25)instrumentalJazz Club Mystery Hot Band2:22
1945-06How High the MoonTeddy Wilson and his Sextett3:19
1945-10-23How High the Mooninstrumental and liveArt Tatum2:20
1945-12-13How High the MoonJune Christy1:44
1945How High the Mooninstrumental and liveCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:33
1945How High the Mooninstrumental and liveArt Tatum2:13
1945How High the Moon?instrumentalTeddy Wilson3:25
1946-05-27How High the MoonGene Krupa and His Orchestra3:21
1946-05-29How High the MoonGene Krupa Big Band3:25
1946How High the MooninstrumentalHazel Scott2:41
1947-03-26How High the Moon (1947-03-26)instrumentalQuintette du Hot Club de France2:37
1947-03-26How High the MooncoverQuintette du Hot Club de France2:33
1947-04-02How High the MoonLionel Hampton and His Hamptonians3:18
1947-04-02How High the MooninstrumentalLionel Hampton Quintet3:10
1947-08-13How High the MooncoverNat King Cole2:44
1947-08-13How High the MooninstrumentalThe Nat King Cole Trio2:42
1947-09-29How High the MoonElla Fitzgerald with the Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra4:30
1947-09-29How High the MoonDizzy Gillespie4:22
1947-11-30How High the Moon (live, 1947-11-30: Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, USA)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars6:44
1947-11How High the MooninstrumentalDjango Reinhardt2:55
1947-11How High the MoonliveLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars5:50
1947-12-21How High the MoonStan Kenton and His Orchestra2:31
1947-12-21How High the MoonStan Kenton2:30
1947How High the MooncoverDjango Reinhardt2:35
1947How High the MoonAnita O’Day2:54
1947How High the Moon?coverElla Fitzgerald3:16
1948-09-25How High the MoonCount Basie & His Orchestra2:39
1948-10-05How High the MoonMel Tormé2:22
1948-11-27How High the MoonLester and Lee Young’s Band7:23
1948How High the MooncoverThe Dave Brubeck Octet6:54
1949-01-17How High the MooninstrumentalMiles Davis4:05
1949-04-02How High the MooninstrumentalArt Tatum2:23
1949-04 – 1949-05How High the Moon (live, spring 1949: “Just Jazz” concert, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA)cover, instrumental and liveArt Tatum2:26
1949-07-29How High the MooninstrumentalArt Tatum3:01
1949How High the Moon? [1949]instrumentalDjango Reinhardt et Stéphane Grappelli3:41
1950-05-17How High the Mooninstrumental and liveCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie3:33
1950-05-17Ornithology/How High the Mooninstrumental, live and medleyCharlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie5:22
1950-11-24How High the MoonCharlie Parker3:38
1951-01-26How High the Moon (live, 1951-01-26: Exhibition Gardens, Vancouver, BC, Canada)instrumental and liveLouis Armstrong And His All-Stars6:56
1951-01-30How High the Moon (live, 1951-01-30: Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA, USA)liveLouis Armstrong4:43
1951-06-21How High the Mooninstrumental and liveArt Tatum2:47
1951-10-12How High the MooninstrumentalSonny Criss12:06
1951How High the MooninstrumentalOscar Peterson, Ray Brown3:02
1951How High the MooninstrumentalLionel Hampton4:42
1952-04-22How High the MooninstrumentalGene Krupa Trio3:09
1952-09-14How High the Mooninstrumental and liveStan Getz & Chet Baker3:04
1952-10-25How High the MoonliveLouis Armstrong & His All-Stars4:16
1952-11-24How High the MooninstrumentalDizzy Gillespie3:14
1953-03-02How High the Moon (mono; live at Finney Chapel, Oberlin College on 1953-03-02)cover, instrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet9:11
1953-07-08How High the MooninstrumentalStan Kenton2:20
1953-09-25How High the MoonLionel Hampton Orchestra5:44
1953-12-14How High the Mooninstrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet8:24
1954-02-01How High the MooninstrumentalGene Krupa?:??
1954-07-22How High the Mooninstrumental and liveLionel Hampton and His Orchestra?:??
1954How High the Mooninstrumental and liveLionel Hampton?:??
1954How High the MoonArtie Shaw8:49
1955-01-12How High the Moon?instrumentalBud Powell4:23
1955-04-23How High the Moon / Theme: Sunny Morninginstrumental and medleyTeddy Wilson Trio4:12
1955-08-01How High the MooninstrumentalArt Tatum, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich Trio5:09
1955-10-27How High the Moon (original LP mono mix)coverSarah Vaughan2:37
1955-11-29How High the MooninstrumentalThe Trio feat. Hank Jones, Wendell Marshall & Kenny Clarke6:02
1956-01-17How High the MooninstrumentalMilt Jackson6:14
1956-02-14How High the MooninstrumentalLionel Hampton, Fatty George?:??
1956-07-10How High the MooninstrumentalSonny Criss3:07
1956-07How High the MooninstrumentalSonny Criss3:10
1956-09-07How High the MooninstrumentalCount Basie3:37
1956-09How High the Mooninstrumental and liveThe Dave Brubeck Quartet3:29
1956-11-12How High the Moon (live)instrumental and liveMiles Davis8:15
1956-11-22How High the MooninstrumentalRandy Weston?:??
1956How High the Moon?Ella Fitzgerald3:16
1957-02-13How High the Mooninstrumental and liveJimmy Smith6:01
1957-05How High the Mooncover, instrumental and liveStéphane Grappelli & Stuff Smith5:17
1957-05How High the Mooncover and instrumentalChuck Berry3:10
1957-05How High the Moon (studio recording with crowd noise)cover and instrumentalChuck Berry3:10
1957-05How High the Moon (studio recording with crowd noise)cover, instrumental and partialChuck Berry?:??
1957-08-06How High the Mooncover and liveSarah Vaughan and Her Trio2:59
1957-09How High the Mooncover and instrumentalBill Evans4:00
1957-09How High the MooncoverBill Evans?:??
1957How High the Moon (℗1995 Hindsight Records, Inc., previously unreleased)June Christy with Les Brown and His Band of Renown1:11
1958-04-28 – 1958-05-01How High the Moon (1958-04-28~1958-05-1: Webster Hall, Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA)coverPat Suzuki2:42
1958-06-24 – 1958-07-02How High the Moon (No. 1)Count Basie & His Atomic Band3:36
1958-06-24 – 1958-07-02How High the Moon (No. 2)Count Basie & His Atomic Band3:51
1958-08-10How High the Moon (live, 1958-08-10: Mister Kelly’s, Chicago, IL, USA)cover and liveElla Fitzgerald6:56
1958-10How High the MooninstrumentalGene Krupa3:20
1958-10How High the MooninstrumentalSonny Rollins7:45
1958-12-30How High the MoonChet Baker3:37
1958-12-30How High the MooninstrumentalChet Baker & Bill Evans3:37
1959-03-04How High the Mooninstrumental and liveSonny Rollins10:45
1959-12How High the Mooninstrumental and liveTito Puente2:32
1960-01-15How High the MooninstrumentalThe Modern Jazz Quartet6:18
1960-02-04How High the MooninstrumentalLes McCann Ltd.6:05
1960-02-13How High the MoonliveElla Fitzgerald and The Paul Smith Quartet8:09
1960-02-13How High the MoonliveElla Fitzgerald7:14
1960-02-13How High the Moon?liveElla Fitzgerald and The Paul Smith Quartet6:58
1960-05-27How High the Mooninstrumental and liveThe Modern Jazz Quartet7:51
1961-11-08How High the MooninstrumentalPete Rugolo and His Orchestra1:44
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